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Utah Legislative Session Update

Bills UNA has been supporting have advanced through the legislative process. SB33, amending the Charitable Solicitations Act and SB137, raising audit thresholds have both passed the House and Senate and await the Governor’s action.

HB219, reinstating capped tax credits to nonprofits in rural enterprise zones has passed the House and is working its way through the Senate. UNA has supported the work of the Rural Nonprofit Committee, and testified in support of this bill. UNA has helped be the voice for nonprofits in rural communities that aren’t able to make the drive to the capital. 

UNA’s CEO, Kate Rubalcava, has been working with the State Auditor’s office to clarify the language in HB55 as it moved through the House. Currently the bill is in the Senate. This bill affects the operation of Government Nonprofits.

A bill UNA opposed, HB81, Post-employment Restrictive Covenants, was defeated in the House last week.  You can see the entire list of bills UNA is following here.

Thank you for your engagement through the legislative session, and we encourage you to continue to reach out to your representatives. It is important that the nonprofit community’s voice is part of the legislative process. We've gathered information for you from legislators themselves on how best to connect with them here.


National Policy Issues

Call to Action! Your Support for Nonprofit Nonpartisanship is Needed!

UNA has reached out to the entire Utah Congressional Delegation to clearly state our support of the Johnson Amendment which protects charitable nonprofits, foundations, and religious congregations from being politicized thus protecting the nonpartisanship of nonprofit organizations. You can see an example of our letters and find more information on this threat to nonprofit nonpartisanship here including a media release from UNA.

It is now time that we ask for your help to spread the word and voice your support of maintaining nonpartisanship for charitable nonprofits, foundations and religious congregations.

UNA has proudly joined the National Council of Nonprofits, our nationwide network, and nonprofits and foundations from across the country, in signing onto a special Community Letter in Support of Nonpartisanship. This letter will be delivered to our U.S. Senators and Representatives to show them that charitable nonprofits, foundations, and our many supporters are united in opposition to efforts to politicize our community. Here’s what you can do:

Sign your organization onto the Community Letter in Support of Nonpartisanship


Share the letter broadly with your board members, your colleagues at other organizations, and others in your networks so they can join in this vital effort to preserve the protections in current law.

Together, we can protect nonprofit missions from the rancor of partisan politics.

Preserve Charitable Giving Incentives

Another hot button national issue that UNA has been following is the threat to Charitable Giving Incentives. The concern is that Congress could limit, alter, or diminish the impact of the current itemized deduction for charitable donations. We have sent letters of support for Charitable Giving Incentives to the Utah Congressional Delegation. Working with the National Council of Nonprofits we'll keep you informed of actions on this issue.


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