The Gateway is looking to fill some of it's vacant storefront windows with some rotating, temporary art installations through the holidays. We're looking to bring in some local artists and students to fill up the spaces with innovative, non-traditional holiday/Christmas concepts in all different mediums. Think: Anthropologie<> and beyond. We want to take a zag on the holiday season and bring in some temporary art installations to give patrons an opportunity to participate in local art in a new way. We want your help!

Please take a look at the below information, as well as the attached moodboard. And feel free to pass this along to any interested parties that might occur to you!

What we're looking for:
We want some cool, interesting, holiday designs for our vacant store fronts. Really, any idea is welcome. What can you do with an empty storefront window?

We see these living in all different mediums. Think window paint, plastic or recycled sculptures, lights, interactive displays, traditional art, paper installations. anything. We're interested in seeing bright, innovative design with a spin on traditional holiday design. We want to showcase creativity and shine a light on your work. See the attachment for some moodboards to get the juices flowing.

Some of the finer details:
The duration of the installation is TBD-and a place in which we'd like to collaborate. We envisions seeing the installations being up through the holidays, possibly longer.

We want to take an opportunity to highlight and showcase local artists, so we're looking for local artists willing to install and let us house your work for the agreed timeline. Of course, these will all be indoors, locked, and kept safe. If there are material costs associated with your idea, please send them so we can make an agreement. In exchange, we will highlight and promote you, the artist, and anything else you see fit alongside your work. Website, concept, how to contact you, etc. You're the star. We're the blank canvas.

How does this work?
Upon landing on the appropriate storefront location for your idea, we'll essentially give you the keys and the control. We'll give you power and lighting and freedom to do your thing. however you like to work.

We want to have these up through the holidays, so installation should begin around mid-November. Your process is valuable to us, so we want to see you in action as you create this experience. Please send in submissions as soon as possible, no later than early November.

How to apply:
We want to keep this process fluid and approachable and nimble, so any conversation or question you have is welcome. Please send to¬†[email protected]. If applying, send through a mood board of how you see your idea living (if it's work that you have existing, presently, please send samples of that); along with a materials cost, timeline, previous experience in something like this, etc. Basically, we're open to anything. Hit us with something cool. Really, nothing TOO formal. Send us anything you think brings your idea to life. we have good imaginations. Tell us what it'll take to get this done.