REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Outdoor Mural In Alta, Utah





1. Alta Community Enrichment

Alta Community Enrichment (ACE) is a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities in the

Little Cottonwood/Alta, Utah community for individual and group participation in arts, cultural

events and education. Since inception, ACE has served as the Alta Arts Council by offering

quality, diverse programs for free or very little cost to its attendees. ACE strengthens the

community by bringing people together who live, work and play in Alta.

2. Project Summary / Description

Public Art Mural

ACE is seeking artists to create site-specific outdoor mural art on the Alta Community Center in

Alta, Utah.

This opportunity is open to all Salt Lake County artists, with a focus on, but not limited to, those

who love Little Cottonwood Canyon. Art selection committee members, ACE employees, ACE

Board members are ineligible to apply.

Application deadline is July 23, 2017, midnight.

Project deadline is Sept 15, 2017.

3. Award

ACE will award $1000 to the artist selected. Artist must provide materials and supplies.

4. Location

The Alta Community Center building is located at 10351 East Highway 210, Alta, Utah. The

community center is a multiuse building and encompasses the Alta post office, library, ACE

offices, Town of Alta (TOA) meeting room, avalanche classes, housing for police officers, and

garage for UDOT and TOA highway needs. Alta town residents and the many visitors to Alta

view the building daily.

Mural space, or canvas, provided will be approximately 7 feet by 8 feet, is south-facing, and

made of wood. The mural space is made of a piece of plywood, and attached to the building.

This canvas will be constructed by ACE and TOA. It will be ready for artists use by August 1st.

If weather, automobiles, graffiti damage the mural art, or ACE is unable to maintain the upkeep,

the art will be removed.


5. Art Criteria

 To provide a piece of public art of interest in the Town of Alta, Utah.

 Artwork must:

o Have a strong visual impact, signature presence, and be appropriate for the public.

o Provide excitement and interest for the community.

o Express the community, culture, general interest and/ or the majestic beauty of

Little Cottonwood Canyon. Interests can be, but not are not limited to, outdoor

sports, wildflowers, snow, or general beauty of the mountains.

o Include the ACE logo – approximately 4 inch x 4 inch image size. It does not

need to include the words “Alta Community Enrichment”.

 Artists encouraged to visit location prior to applying.

6. Application Requirements

Applicants must fill out the form and provide site specific art/ rendering for approval.

7. Selection Process

The art selection committee will review applications and select the artist. The committee will be

one ACE representative, one TOA employee and one Alta local. The ACE Board, ACE

employees and art selection committee reserve the right to choose the artist.

8. Timeline

July 23, 2017 Deadline for applications at midnight

July 23-31, 2017 Selection committee reviews applications

August 1, 2017 Artist announced

September 15, 2017 Mural complete

9. Questions?

Contact Sara Gibbs, Executive Director, Alta Community Enrichment.


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