Cache County Candidates

Cache County Municipal Candidate Responses

Arts Summit (hosted by Cache County Center for the Arts) asked candidates the following question in preparation for local primaries:

What is your vision for the arts in the municipal area which you wish to represent?

Responses are being collected, will be added as they come in, and are organized by city. We have not yet been able to collect emails for Newton, Providence, or Wellsville elections. Contact [email protected] if you are able to offer assistance or corrections.

Nibley-Local Candidate Response


Shaun Dustin: 

Art is creation for the sake of creation. A life without creation is an oxymoron. 
I realize that my primary function as a Mayor is to keep the lights on and the pipes full of water but as a leader, I believe that it is also my pleasure and my duty to create a community where people have the freedom to pursue their creative passions and to envision and build the kind of community that is worth living in. I'm not a good singer or painter or sculptor but I am a good Mayor, and in that capacity, even if I can't create the art I love to be around, I can create the space that allows the people who do have those gifts to do what they do so well. Shaun Dustin435-770-0147

Trudy E. Knight

City Council

Kathryn A Beus

Ryan Olsen

Allen V. Cook

Garrett Mansell - unable to reach

Norman L. Larsen


Richmond-Local Candidate Response


Jeff Young

Terrie L. Wierenga: 

I believe it's important to encourage and support our local visual and performing artists. When I was director of our local farmer's market, we recruited numerous local performers. I also support local performers making use of our theatre and city park gazebo for concerts, plays, etc. Terrie  Wierenga

City Council

Kelly Crafts

Lyle R. Bair

Cheryl Peck


Smithfield-Local Candidate Response


Darrell G. Simmons

Jeffrey H. Barnes

City Council

Barbara Scholes Kent

Jamie Anderson

Wade C. Campbell

Kathryn Saunders Larsen

Juli Weber: 

I'm so happy to share with you my vision and opinion on the Arts in CV. 
First of all, I'm a huge fan. I've been involved in the Smithfield Health Day Program/Children's Theater since I was in Jr. High, in the early 1990's. I love the theater and musical theater and ballet are my favorites. 
I've been involved in the Smithfield Health Day's Children Theater since is started 11 years ago and so have my 2 children. We all love this tradition in our family.
I'd like to see in the future, adult theater  grown and develop as well as a return of concerts in the park and not just movies (although they are fun too). Music is another wonderful addition and I fully support the music competition as well as school programs, including the Sky View March Band.  
Art is critical in schools and education and if that is true, it's critical in all our lives, regardless of age. 
I looking forward to help grow the Arts in Smithfield. Thank you. Juli Weber 435-770-2860


North Logan-Local Candidate Response


Nancy H. Potter

Lydia Embry

John C Bailey

City Council

Craig R. Humphreys

Bradley Crookston

Buzzy Mullahkhel

Bruce W. Lee

I believe in doing things to enhance the quality of life for people.  It is a key driver for what I do in my profession, home care for the elderly and infirm.  It is part of who I am.  Within a community, the arts can be a great way to help people experience a better quality of life.  Within North Logan there have been discussions about bringing in a theater to our city center along with having performing arts in the city center park when it is completed.  I am very in favor of these types of ideas.  North Logan also has an art show that is hosted by one of our residents, and I think that things like this are great opportunities to bring people together.  I would hope that regardless of what happens with the upcoming election that North Logan continues to pursue opportunities to bring the arts to our community, and if I have the opportunity to serve, I would be a supporter of these types of events. Thanks, and let me know if you have additional questions. Bruce Lee


River Heights-Local Candidate Response


Robert Gines

Todd Rasmussen:

Thank you for the question.  This is an important subject and often overlooked in many cities and towns.  My personal view is that the arts--in all their varieties--are as essential as conventional education and learning in the growth of a community.  The arts, much like history, shape our views by offering needed context and perspective.  This context and perspective can galvanize the places we all call home and help make us a more tolerant and respectful people as well as having a myriad of other educational, social, and economical benefits.  The arts are certainly varied in their many types, origins, and interest, but there is a unique place and need in each community to embrace and cultivate them in a way to be available and enjoyed by all.  My vision is to help support the arts by bringing our residents together in sharing their desires and talents in the arts.  I would support community inspired events as well as broader reaching productions that cultivate those talents and desires.  I will be a supporter and proponent for community theater, music, and visual arts involvement of all ages. The arts are an integral part of our lives, our history, and our future.  Our attention and our spending must be focused and deliberate to keep them alive--and I will work to do so.   Respectfully, Todd Rasmussen River Heights, Ut 

City Council

Douglas L. Clausen

Quentin C. Gardner Jr.

Shellie Giddings:

The arts are an important part of my family. My youngest son was involved in the plays and musicals when he was in high school. My 16 year old daughter has played violin for 9 years and piano for 4. My youngest participates in the Talent Fair at her school each year by singing a solo. She also plays violin. She has asked for voice lessons as soon as she's old enough. As a family we attend as many plays, musicals and other performances in the valley as possible. Museums and art exhibits are also things that we enjoy as a family. 
River Heights is a very small community. I honestly haven't thought about a vision for the arts here in our area. However, I would be open to suggestions and if feasible I'd support them whole heartedly.
My daughter is on the Youth Council as Mayor and they have planned movies in the park. The first one was a success. They had a good turnout. Perhaps a concert in the park series would be supported by the community. 
Thank you for your question. If you have further questions please feel free to ask. Regards, Shellie Giddings

Chris Milbank

Elaine Thatcher:

I have worked in the arts for over thirty years: in museums, state arts agencies, local arts agencies, private nonprofits, and as a private consultant. Needless to say, I am a huge supporter of arts in communities. I believe in community and individual arts participation--everyone can do something artistic. I also believe in the arts institutions that provide us with entertainment and intellectual stimulation. River Heights is a very small town. We have no infrastructure beyond the basics of civic responsibility such as safe water, safe streets, and more. We depend on the city of Logan and Cache County for many of our services such as police, environmental services, and libraries. Nevertheless, the residents of River Heights have shown interest in the arts, and we have many talented artists in our midst. Our best showcase for arts in River Heights is Apple Days, when we have events, including performing arts, in the park. The city has also tried to start a small museum, with mixed results. I will work to support the arts and artists in River Heights in whatever way I can, within our small town infrastructure. I have some ideas for ways to show off the artists in our midst, and we will see if I can bring them to fruition. Thanks for this opportunity. Elaine Thatcher



Logan-Local Candidate Response


The Herald Journal asked mayoral candidates some questions:


*See Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance Results below for more info on this candidate.


Hayden Eugene Nielson

*Holly H. Daines: 

We are so fortunate in Cache Valley to have such a vibrant arts scene!  The arts benefit our economy and add to our quality of life. The non-profits that operate these organizations do amazing work, and we need to be supportive of their efforts.  
As a member of the Logan City Council, I have served on the committee to award Logan’s annual Fine Arts Grants (through an application process.)  The city spends significant amounts on recreation programs; these grants are a great way to support arts programs for our community as well.  I am always impressed with how our local arts organizations use the small grants to leverage other funds, as well as volunteer effort, to provide artistic opportunities for our citizens.
I was a Founding Trustee, 25 years ago, of what was then called The Capitol Arts Alliance, the group that restored the Ellen Eccles Theatre and Bullen Center.  Until I became a candidate, I was again serving as a trustee for CacheArts, and assisting with their efforts for the 25th anniversary celebration to update the theatre and center.  As Logan City owns the Eccles Theatre and Bullen Center, which is used by many groups, I supported providing funds for a new roof as part of their capital campaign.  That city assistance has helped staff raise additional funds towards the project. 
We need to be advocates for the arts in our community and assist where feasible. Thanks, Holly Daines

Brian Seamons: 

To be truly honest, I don't know anything about the arts or your needs.  That doesn't mean that I am not supportive.  Quality of life is my platform.  We need the arts and what you guys bring to our community.  I'd have to ask for your help should I be voted in as mayor. Sorry to be ignorant.  Brian Seamons

Kyle Barney

City Council

Emmanuel Amador Herrera: 

Dear Cache Valley Arts Summit; I would wish to represent the Performing Arts and Music section. My wife and I love to go see the new performances in theater and would love to help the Performing Arts expand more, we would also love to see more Opera on our stages being done. We have great students that have amazing talents and would love to keep them here in the Valley instead of losing so many of our talented students to other cities or states.
Music is also a passion for me, I love to hear the Cello and Violin, including bands because I myself play the drums, not professionally but I play. I would love to see great musicians come from our town and get to tour and put joy on faces around our great nation and world. Yet, come back to our city and call it home and hopefully become amazing teachers themselves, so music never gets lost. And for our future generations to not lose heart and soul in there music, for that is where it all truly comes from.
Thank You for all your hard work and time you ladies and gentlemen put into making beautiful and amazing production and transcending music. 
Always listening and Admiring, Your friend and supporter, Emmanuel Herrera

*Keith Schnare: 

Art is life.  Music, plays, books, movies, paintings and more imitate and record life.  Without the arts we would simply exist and leave little behind.  I have enjoyed the preforming arts since my childhood in Chicago.  I have acted in small community productions including leading roles.  
In Logan continuing the summer visitor programs and supporting the theaters and the new theater district are present goals.  I also have a grandson (Casey Neal) who is just breaking out as an artist and I have supported him so that he could reach his breakout point.  
Until I reach to goal of City Councilperson, I do not know what other opportunities there are, and I will support those that move the arts forward. Keith Schnare

*Richard Steele

Paul R. Borup

*Jess Bradfield

Amy Z. Anderson:

Logan's City Council approved a historic theater district this week. Some may wonder why that is important. "What is the defining difference between passive and active citizens? Curiously, it isn’t income, geography, or even education. It depends on whether they read for pleasure and participate in the arts. These cultural activities seem to awaken a heightened sense of individual awareness and social responsibility."(Dana Gioia)Aren't we fortunate to have ample access to ways... to delight, educate, awaken, refine and restore us here in Logan?! So fun to celebrate the impact of the arts last night at the Lyric's 50th street party. Don't forget the power of the arts! We are fortunate to have funding through our RAPZ tax, a commitment from our citizens and summer citizens to participate in programming and now a recognition from Logan City on why the arts matter.  In whatever way I can support and encourage our citizens to access existing arts entities through the Council, I will. Having an engaged citizenry helps us all. Amy Anderson  

Paul Rogers: 

Arts and entertainment are a key part of my vision of Logan's future.  I'm promoting the slogan, "Create the Logan You Want to Be In".  In doing so, citizens should be creating and appreciating beauty in the place we have chosen to live. This should be accomplished via public art, festivals, plantings, readings (pros and poetry), and architecture.  On that last item, I believe that we should make attractive buildings that future citizens will be proud of - not simply those which are cheapest or expedient presently.
Thanks for the opportunity.  -paul

Steve Thompson: 

Hi! I served on the City Council for 12 years and during that time most of our CDBG funds went to non profits. Over the years the city has diverted most of this money to their projects. I would like to reverse this trend. I'm an avid supporter of the arts and will do all I can to support your efforts and help your members thrive.
Questions... I can be reached anytime at 4357700392 I hope you will consider voting for me in the primary...thx Stephen Thompson

Jens CK Trauntvein

April A. Mortensen


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