Bruce Cutler // Republican // Utah House of Representatives District 44 (B+)

1. Should government invest in funding the arts and humanities at fiscally responsible levels?

Answer: Yes

2. Do you support investing money into K-12 arts and humanities education at fiscally responsible levels?

Answer: Yes

3. Do you believe that arts and humanities education should be required in the k-12 curriculum?

Answer: Yes

4. Do you consider the arts and culture sector to be an economic driver in Utah?

Answer: Yes

5. Do you support Utah's Percent-for-Art Act, which designates 1% of public building costs for public art?

Answer: Unsure

6. Do you support preserving the Utah Historic Preservation Tax Credit?


7. Do you support policy that positively impacts tourism, such as the creation of historic and cultural districts?

Answer: Yes

8. Have you had a personal experience with arts, culture, or humanities that has had an impact on your life? Please explain. (responses to this question were not graded)

Yes - I met my wife in a choir we both attended at the U o U.

Music and the arts are an integral part of our lives.

When in school, I participated in all the choirs I could.



The one I answered unsure was because I'm not familiar with that program.