When 8 days to go October 15, 2022 at 7:30pm 2 hrs
Contact Breathe Between the Lines [email protected]
Rocky Mountain Choreography Winner

This show has been a long time coming! During this show you will see a variety of pieces, and styles that showcase my journey as a choreographer. What started out as just a fun experiment has become a great passion. I love to push the dancers to try new things and to see how each dancer approaches their steps differently and finding the style of movement that looks the most natural on each one, no matter their age or experience. There was also a lot of experimenting with finding new and interesting ways to make dancers work together and feel the presence of their fellow dancers while onstage and moving as one body. As I said these pieces come from different times in my life and showcase different emotions and I invite you to find whatever meaning behind each piece you feel. This performance is named after the piece of mine that won the Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival and I feel that this piece showcases a lot of what I have been trying to achieve as a choreographer which is the connection between each dancer and between the dancers and the audience. I hope you enjoy this evening, the beauty, the fun, the energy of each piece. - Christina Stockdale