Blake Moore // Republican // Congressional District 1 (A+)

Blake Moore // Republican // Congressional District 1 (C+)

1. How have the arts, culture, and/or humanities impacted your life?

Simply put - I have consumed research for the benefit of client projects that show how the arts improves students abilities to learn. I have 3 young boys and I believe that STEM education is most important, but studying and interacting with the arts is vital to their ability to learn those skills. I see their creativity primarily when they are doing an art project, they get excited to learn when the arts are involved - not to mention confident.

2. Utah's humanities and arts employ 123,000 Utahns, provide $4.4 billion in earnings, and $13.2 billion in sales. This is a larger economic impact than agriculture, mining, and real estate. Do you consider the arts and cultural sector an economic driver in Utah?


3. I support the following federal agencies and will work to increase fiscally responsible investment in them:

-National Endowment for the Arts

-National Endowment for the Humanities

-Institute of Museum and Library Services

-Corporation for Public Broadcasting

4. If I win, I will join the following cultural caucuses:

-Congressional STEAM

5. Forgivable loans available from the Small Business Administration have been vitally important to helping the cultural industry recover from COVID-19:

I support increasing federal funding in SBA COVID loans and keeping them open for nonprofits.

6. Fiscally responsible government investment in the arts and humanities (including humanities and arts education) means to me:

It means we must tie data to investment.

7. Anything else we should know about you?

I have actually submitted comprehensive project proposals to NEH, and I have a background in social impact - particularly how to measure effectiveness and impact. I will take a data driven approach to support the arts - but I will also be a candidate that is serious about balancing our budget.



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