BEDL notes - Feb 9, 2017

BEDL Committee Meeting February 9, 2017


Monday meeting is from 4 pm - 6 pm


2. RFA - Sundance Institute (Rep. Webb, Sarah Pierce, managing director) - Average economic impact is $78 M per year, State benefits of state promotion, relationship with state office of tourism, $98 M Publicity Value from 1000 journalists and 45,000 print articles about Utah, Utah is promoted to the world when promoting in other festival locations


$ 750,000 one-time


3. RFA - United Way of Ogden (Sen. Buxton) Covers Northern Utah and touches thousands of people, offers a facility for non-profits of ogden, capital campaign update their building. Elizabeth Sutton from the Union Station foundation from Ogden was asked to come forward to talk about the importance of the funding that they receive from the Utah Legislature (usually $100,000 annually) 


4. RFA - Ogden Pioneer Stadium (Sen. Buxton, Mark Johnson from Ogden City) Ogden Pioneer Days Foundation, Alan Hall, chairman, explained history, needs, and solutions: founded in 1932, largest of Utah’s pioneer day celebrations, 30 events, 180,000 visitors annually, one of the top 5 rodeos in the nation, 5 nights of rodeo, $ 16 M impact in weber county, aging stadium, After this year’s pioneer days, build a new structure costing $1.5 M, requests $550,000 one-time. Rep. Gardiner and Rep. Spackman Moss spoke in support of the Ogden Pioneer Days and Rodeo


5. RFA - Cluff House (Rep. Wilde) a building built in Coleville in 1935, restoring the building currently, ask for $20,000 


7. RFA - Odyssey Dance Company - Rep. Gardiner - located at Kingsbury Hall, salary dance, increase outreach


6. RFA - El Sistema @ Salty Cricket (Rep. Hollins, Victoria Petro-Eschler) 


8. RFA - GOED Financial Services Cluster Director (Rep. Webb) - currently only a part-time director to focus on three areas: 1. new charters 2. optimizing low-functioning charters 3. expanding successful business operations. Hoping to expand to a full-time director and expand the office ($60,000 one time, $100,000 on going) 


9. RFA - Boys State/Girls State (Rep. Pitcher, Terry Scoul - from American Legion) - Only cost is to pay the University for housing and food, helps young people understand state, local, and federal government, open to high school juniors across the state and to all counties in good academic standing, this money offsets %20 of the tuition cost


10. RFA - Building Utah Youth / Youth Impact (Rep. Froerer, Rob) $350,000 - Ogden City school district has the lowest graduation rate in the State, this program helps them graduate and become productive citizens in the community, Baseball, Basketball, Snowboarding club, Founded by Rob, vast majority of funding is privatized funding


11. RFA - Rockville Historic Bridge (Rep. Last, Pam Leech) - Gateway city to Zion’s National Park, built in 1924 to provide a transportation link, only 247 residents, 2017 January 21,000 visitors to Zion’s National Park, so far raised $70,000, hoping for state support $100,000 one-time


12. RFA - Mesa Project (Rep. Last, Linda) 29 acre site acquired on a hill just with an incredible view of Zion’s National Park, The Mesa Project is a writer and artists retreat, $500,000 one-time for critical infrastructure, serving 85 artists and writers a year, the project includes cultural outreach to Garfield and Piute counties


13. RFA - Utah Ethnic & Mining Museum and Western Hellenic Library - (Rep. Duckworth) $40,000 one-time, 3rd JC Penney’s building in Utah, built in the 20s in Magna, museum features history of Kennecott Copper Mine and other mining in Utah, and also in documenting the diverse communities of Magna and the surrounding area 


14. RFA - Utah Humanities on Main Street - (Rep. Wilson, Cynthia Buckingham) - brings exhibits from the Smithsonian to small and rural communities and museums, $50,000 one-time, Utah Humanities funding goes directly to their programs, many of the programs who have come before the committee received early support from UH, including spyhop and missing stories. This money would help smaller towns receive rare Smithsonian exhibits and offers capacity building for rural areas. These funds will help fund an exhibit about the story of water (economic, historical, etc.) to go to 5 museums, the ask is only 10% of the total cost of their project. Rep. Spackman Moss spoke praise to the Utah Humanities. 


17. RFA - Daggett County Utah - (Rep. Wilde and Sen. Van Tassel) - 1962 the Flaming Gorge Dam was turned on as a power source and economic driver in Daggett County, their centennial celebration is coming up $60,000 one-time repairs on grand stands and equipment. 


21. RFA - Big Outdoor Expo - (Rep. Gibson) Expo that is held in Utah county, promoting tourism in Utah, about skiing, golfing, and the national parks. Last year had 12,000 visitors, $150,000 request 


Representative Noel is at a funeral and unable to present no.19. RFA - Center for Education, Business and the Arts  and 20. RFA - East Zion Shuttle Study Proposal, Senator Davis motioned that the requests might be emailed to the committee for their consideration. 


Motions to be considered as changes to the base budgets from Dr. Wilko (Motion was reread and voted on because the motion was on written paper and not read aloud) 


  • items for Heritage and Arts - Percent for Arts be its own line-item for further transparency of the program and allows collections from restricted fund to Heritage and Arts


Unanimously approved


22. RFA - Historic Festivals - (Rep. Christensen) - Drapers Days festival, brings in well-known artists, showed a video of the drone, this is centered in draper but includes people from all over the state, tied to heritage and arts 


23. RFA - Utah Children’s Theater (Rep. Dunnigan, James Parker) - Located in South Salt Lake City, founded in 1986, reorganized in 2007, purchased and remodeled the Avalon Theater, funding for general operating support for arts education, not affiliated with a municipality, performances for children written by local artists, educating the younger generation about being patrons for the arts and culture, drama school in the summer, joked that Shakespeare is long and boring, which the legislators did not agree with (boos and disagreement heard all around), but he continued to talk about how the abridged Shakespeare series prepares children and adults to enjoy Shakespeare


Sen. Shiozawa talked about the possibility funding in the Heritage and Arts grants being given to some of the arts and museums that ask for appropriations through their competitive grant program, and talked about the importance of ongoing pass through funding being reported and measured (Southwest Symphony specifically mentioned, not having heard from them in 15 years)


EAC has told BEDL that they have no new funding beyond the usual funds that they have received, regardless of the increased number of organizations requesting funding






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