BEDL Notes Feb 7

BEDL February 7, 2017 8 am


1. at 8:24 to approve minutes of Jan 26 - approved unanimously


2. RFA - “Missing Stories" History Project (Rep. Chavez-Houck)


3. RFA - Motion Picture Incentive Fund (Rep. Hutchings, Jeff Miller - Motion Picture Association of Utah) - Having Motion Pictures shot here is a way to brand Utah, Over last 5 years, $34 million uptick of business, 


4. RFA - Social Security Tax credit (Rep. Westwood) Provides a tax credit for a tax payers taxable Social Security benefits, Sen. Harper - Was this from an interim study on tax credits? Was it recommended? It was studied, but not recommended.


20. RFA -  Impact Utah Manufacturing Support (Sen. Shiozawa)- $500,000 ongoing, a request that replaces $1.1 million, for manufacturing program (MEP) previously housed at UVU, now at the University of Utah,  aids USTAR businesses by helping with manufacturing. Sen. Peterson talking about history of the program, which receives money from grants. Some discussion if the MEP does the same thing as USTAR. 


5. RFA - Winter Farmer’s Market (Sen. Briscoe) - $30,000 on going, Meets until about April every other week, hoping to meet every week. Met in Rio Grand, asked if the funds double for the building block of UHA


6. RFA - Better Days 2020 (Sen. Henderson, Naylin McMane) Money for a celebration and awareness campaign to commemorate the first women voting in Utah, Provides for education in schools to talk about the role that women from Utah had in getting federal recognition of the federal vote


7. RFA - Restoration Grantsville Donner Reed Museum - (Rep. Sagers, Mayor of Grantsville) - Originally an LDS meeting house, then city hall for a little while, now a museum. As an adobe building it is disintegrating


Committee Business - List of all appropriations Rank and prioritizing requests, and the lists will come out at the end of these presentations  


8. RFA - Moab Music Festival (Senator Hinkins) - Moab music festival is longest running festival in South Eastern Utah, celebrating 25th anniversary


9. RFA - Technology Commercialization Innovation (Senator Millner) TCI helps businesses at the beginning of their startups 


10. RFA - Cache County Fairgrounds (Sen. Hillyard, Craig Buttars) $300,000 one-time to help revitalize and remodel the county fairgrounds, as it stands, the fair grounds are going to have a problem staying open


11. RFA - Library Technology Use Amendments (Sen. Weiler, Jamie Monk Carter from Utah Libraries) - $50,000 to help filter wireless, this is not in the governor’s budget, but would go to the State Library Association to administer grants to libraries


12. RFA - Utah Falcons - IWFL Worldwide Championship Weekend (President Niederhauser, owner of the Falcons) - Women’s football team in Utah, requesting $30,000 for Utah’s hosting the championship, scores of 41 to nothing 


13. RFA - Utah Refugee Scout Program (President Niederhauser, Michael Nebeker) 


14. RFA - Hale Centre Theater (President Niederhauser, Brent Lang) - Hale Center Theatre (neiderhouser) // Brent Lang represented Hale // Neiderhouser: moving to Sandy, the new theatre is going to be amazing // brent: $100000 (1x) for general operating funds // past support has made a difference, one of the largest and most well run theaters in the world // 458 live performances, had to add 66 performances to meet the public demand // neiderhouser wanted to highlight that this hale is a nonprofit


16. RFA - Taste Utah (Senator Davis, Melba Sign, President of Utah Restaurant Association) - reach out advertising program for restaurants, considering there are a lot of tax dollars from restaurants in Utah, $ 250,000, goal is to increase reasons to eat out, promote dining as a destination 1% Restaurant tax generates a lot of revenue for the state


15. RFA - Desert Star (Gene Davis, Mike Todd) - Desert Star Playhouse (davis) // $250,000 one-time // simple premise: find out what everyone else is doing, and don’t do that // do musical comedy in a parody and satirical way // collecting and paying sales tax and don’t receive ZAP because they are a for profit entity // they think ZAP is putting them out of business since they aren’t eligible for ZAP tax and claimed that the government is putting them out of business // have a new youth theatre // Rep. Gardiner: recalled a conversation with Desert Star where they said they didn’t want to be a nonprofit because that’s not what they are, he commended them for being who they are


17. RFA - Professional Golf Tournament (Rep. Barlow) - tremendous opportunity for economic impact at Oakridge, request is ongoing


18.  RFA Hale Center Theater Orem (Dayton) // $250,000, one-time //Doing capitol improvements to tune of $750,000, hoping state will provide 1/3 of cost // Nathan and Ruth Hale founded three theaters (LA, SL County, and Orem), communicated that they are all separate 501(c)3 organizations // $15 million economic impact, 150,000 attendance, $3mill annual budget 



19. RFA Tuacahn (Sen Ipson) %30 Out of state patrons, $1.5 Million renovation of the theatre in St. George, $300,000 one-time, both Hale and Tuacahn stressed the economic Impact of the arts in Utah. They are hoping to expand their theatre to have a venue where they can host shows in the winter // $300,000 one-time, to upgrade the theater // economic driver: draws more people to southern UT than golf, funds will be used to upgrade the theater (will draw 8500 people) // have an outdoor theater, want to build an indoor theater now // use equity actors // need to put in 100 more seats and need to upgrade the sound system and some other things // have been good stewards of past state monies // sales tax going to the state from Tuacahn is close to $3.4 million dollars // people want to come to Tuacahn year round, and right now they can’t meet that need // Shiozawa: wanted to know how this will impact the theatre productions in Cedar City (infering USF), Answer: they do wonderful things, we have largely different audiences, we don’t think it will negatively impact any other arts organizations // Rep. Westwood (in whose theater resides USF) agreed that the two theaters compliment each other) // Rep. Weight expressed appreciation that they use equity actors



21. RFA - Columbus Hub of Opportunity - (Sen. Shiozawa) $150,000  


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