BEDL Notes Feb 3

BEDL Committee Meeting February 3, 2017 8 am


2. RFA - Target Industry Procurement (Senator Buxton, Coryann Edwards LSI) In collaboration with GOED, to assist medium and small range businesses and to help them expand and grow. Especially to help money stay in Utah at the HIll AirForce base. Great return on investment. 29:1 ROI. Helping with diversification of companies to increase their stability


3. Heritage and Arts Building Blocks - (Jill Remington Love presented, director of Department of Heritage and Arts) Brought bell from USS Bennion from their collection, and the ship’s clock from the USS Utah from pearl harbor. Reviewed three of their building blocks, all important programs and some address immediate needs. Arts funding is important and valued in UT. 

  1. Building block #1: $500,000 for Arts Sustainability Grants. Grants were distributed to 23 of the 29 counties in the state (in 2016) and supported around 200 programs. The $500,000 1x request is for additional funding to strengthen sustainability grants given by Utah Division of Arts and Museums. It will provide more equity in funding to small and medium organizations without eroding support for the larger organizations. Currently,27 groups are sharing $500,000 but 3 large groups receive 40% of it. By providing more money, the remaining groups will be able to receive more funding. We know it’s important to communicate and demonstrate economic impact. We want to demonstrate it, we’ve partnered with GOED and Kim Gardner’s Office to show economic impact for our recipients. 
  2. #2: $30,000 ongoing for multicultural leadership youth conference 
  3. #3: for additional security around the Rio Grande depot building. 

With upcoming 2% cuts in ongoing requested by Executive Appropriations, and that the committee suggested consider cutting digitization. Brian Somers (assistant director) talked about the importance of digitization and that the work is not complete, they still have a lot of work to do with photographs and home records especially. They passed some important photographs around to the BEDL committee. Brian communicated that many items in need of digitization are fragile and some are cracked. Current base budget for this digitization project is $537,000. Ongoing maintenance cost is $372,000; the proposed cut is $128,000 would only leave $37,000 for ongoing digitization projects. If only $37,000 they would only be able to digitize 9,250 photographs/year but have around 1.5million photographs that still need to digitized. It would take them over 100 years to digitize the remaining photographs. Asked for the committee’s consideration to not put DHA in this position. 


In the open comment period: Jena Woodbury, ED from Ririe-Woodbury expressed importance of the new grant category. Paul Mecham, CEO from USUO (Utah Symphony | Utah Opera), talked about Utah Symphony’s economy and education. 


Senator Shiozawa asked Brian Somers to talk about the proposed cuts. He said: we believe this proposed cut is problematic because of the amount of work remaining and how time sensitive the work is. Many of the collections they are trying to digitize are in danger of being destroyed. We would like to propose the cut come from the $292,000 ongoing in pass through monies that go to other organizations through their budget. They have limited oversight over these monies, there is little reporting etc. Asked the committee to consider cutting pass through funding to these other organizations rather than cuts to digitizations


4.  RFA The Cache Valley Center for the Arts (Sen. Hillyard, Wendi Hassan, executive director) - Sen. Hillyard presented the history of the Ellen Eccles Theatre in Logan, asking for $1 million for capital improvements for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, 56 different organizations present at the Ellen Eccles Theatre, 100 performances a year, 111,000 users a year. Need parts for lighting, seismic updates, $6 million required for the capital improvements that they are hoping for. Brought an actor to deliver a monologue from Logan Youth Shakespeare. Request for critical capital reinvestment, not to increase capacity. Holly Daynes, from Logan City Council, was also present


5. RFA Spring City Old City School restoration - (Sen. Okerlund) The building is almost restored and will be used for city offices, and has an upstairs ballroom that will be used to gain funds for the city, the reach of this building is beyond the reach of Spring City, but reaches to a lot of the cities in San Pete County


6. RFA Hill Aerospace Museum - (Rep. Barlow, Rob Alexander, ED) asked for $150,000 ongoing, talked about the historical impact of the Aerospace Museum in helping with STEM Education


8. Hill AFB Air Show - (Rep. Handy)  Economic Impact of over $50 million to Utah per year, $200,000 ask to continue to grow and build the show 


7. New Life Discovery Center at Thanksgiving Point - (Rep. Wilson, Washburn) $21 million project, already raised $18.5 million, $1.5 million ask from Legislature


9. RFA George Beard Photography Exhibition - (Rep. Thurston, ) requesting $2,000 to support George Beard Photography at Springville Museum of Fine Art, taken photographs of Utah


10. RFA Engineering (Rep. V. Peterson, John Sutherland) - $5 million for engineering initiative, to help increase engineering graduates, Increase of 400 engineers 


12. The Natural History Museum of Utah (Sen. Shiozawa, Sarah George, ED) $250,000 ongoing, for safety and security of spaces. Charged with 3 tasks, 1. making broadly accessible scientific objects such as dinosaurs and butterflies 2. combining scientific information with physical objects for science education 3. Showcasing the state of Utah for Utah residents and around the world (#1 on Trip Advisor) 


11. The Leonardo (Sen. Stephenson, ) ISE - Informal Science Education in schools, Asking for an additional $25,000 to continue supporting their event of flight


13. CenterPoint Theater (Sen. Adams, Jansen Davis, ED) - Theater in Centerville, UT $276,000 for Capital improvement project, strong support for the theatre



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