BEDL Notes - Jan 24, 2017

Notes for BEDL Committee - Jan 24, 2017 8 am

2. Dr. Andrea Wilko and Sean Faherty introduced as financial committee team for BEDL, went through toolkit for budgets and budgetary items Walked through presentations: Analyst presents agency’s appropriations, then agency presents, must have measures of performance for each line-item. Have four target questions: What have you stopped doing in the past year?, What have you started doing in the past year?, What do you plan to do in the coming year? How does your plan impact your budget Tools available at Past appropriations are available through the Budget of the State of Utah tab. There are youtube videos to explain Utah’s Budget processes: ( Appropriation forms are due by noon on Feb.. 2 appropriation forms are available at

3. Commerce Analyst Presentation Base Budget - began with an overview from Dr. Wilko of the Division of Commerce including their multi-armed departments to favor Utah’s economic climate, often comes before BEDL for request for appropriations for expanding the database for controlled substances ($21,600 ongoing) Francine Giani - executive director of department of commerce Funding comes from commerce service fund, not from general fund Questions about proprietary schools and questions about possibilities to cut budget State of Utah received $40 million from VW settlement $32 million to environmental quality $7.2 million was given to commerce but it has yet to touched

4. Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Base Budget - presentation, regulatory agency but also a commercial agency, stores and agency is a majority of their budget. The problem that DABC faces is that wage as a percent of revenue has gone down since 2012, meaning that there is more work than there are employees. The committee discussed the benefits of increasing staff at state liquor stores and its benefits in increased profits with funds paying to school lunches, and other state programs.

5. Tax Commission Base Budget - Asking for funds to improve tax and motor vehicle processes and systems, also redistributing beer tax. Explained the organization of the Tax commission. Overview of what the agency oversees including fraud protection, vehicle registration, etc. Discussed SB 250 that requires employers to file W-2s by January 31st and makes it so the Tax Commission does not need to send a refund until March 1st.

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