UCA works to raise general community awareness of the cultural sector through outwardly focused awareness campaigns. Particularly, we continually measure and disseminate economic data. We are a statewide information hub and resource center. We work with the business community to pursue and support more strategic partnerships between the cultural nonprofit and for-profit sectors.


    • Cultural Asset Map // This visual tool showcases the depth and variety of Utah's cultural sector.

    • Information Hub // We collect vital information about the Utah cultural community and share it with the public, our members, and legislators in a Utah Culture Wiki that contains comprehensive information about the arts, humanities, and cultural sector.

    • Measuring Economic Impact // With collective impact efforts, we compile data from across Utah that will highlight the economic value and impact of the arts and cultural sector. This project provides concrete data that can be used to demonstrate the value of arts and culture in the community at large.

    • Annual State of UT Culture // We create an annual “state of culture” report, which outlines the economic impact, significance and happenings of the arts, humanities, and cultural sector in Utah. This is distributed to our members, business leaders, and elected officials.

    • eNewsletter // Distributed weekly, the eNewsletter is the main conduit of information between members, the community, and elected officials. All members are invited to post items of interest, job openings, and promotional materials. The eNewsletter also contains items of local, regional, and national interest. Our newsletter now goes to over 10,000 households.

    • Blog & Social Media // A popular source for cultural news, all members are invited to post items of interest, job openings, and promotional materials. Our blog reaches thousands of visitors a month. We also promote member happenings on our social media pages.

    • Statewide Awareness Campaign // UCA is fundraising to launch a major, statewide awareness campaign in five years to raise the visibility of culture, the arts, and humanities.