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January 25, 2017
IMAGE: Production still from the Art21 Exclusive series episode, "Do Ho Suh: Rubbing / Loving." © Art21, Inc. 2016.
Happy new year! 2016 was especially busy for us at Art21. On top of a new broadcast season that welcomed in 16 new artists, we also produced and released 18 short films online. We expanded on the ideas investigated by these artists in six issues of the Art21 Magazine, and we invited in a new cohort of Art21 Educators. Not to mention the Art21 Screening Society brought our films to 35 states and 15 countries, including Azerbaijan, the Philippines, and South Africa. We are happy to invite you to meet Art21 in the public realm in 2017 with our first in a series of public programs with artists.
As Theaster Gates said in the Chicago hour, "The world is ripe for a making, for a remaking, for a reshaping," and we can't wait to share with you how we see artists continuing to redefine our world in this new year and beyond.
Tina Kukielski
Executive Director, Art21
January 25, 2017
In this issue of Art21 News:
New Videos Featuring Do Ho Suh, Jaime Warren & Brian Jungen
From the series, Art21 Exclusive
Artist Do Ho Suh makes one final artwork in the New York apartment that was his home and studio for eighteen years. Suh covered every surface in the apartment with white paper which he then rubbed with colored pencil to reveal and preserve all of the space's memory-provoking details. 
"My energy has been accumulated and in a way I think my rubbing shows that," says Suh. "I'm trying to show the layers of time."
Premiered on December 9, 2016
From the series, Art21 New York Close Up
What brings a community together? Over pizza and beers, the dedicated crew behind Whoop Dee Doo--artist Matt Roche & Jaimie Warren's traveling kids variety show--discuss the artistic and emotional pull of their uniquely collaborative community art project.
"I think it connects you to why you would've originally thought you wanted to be an artist," says co-director Matt Roche, "the times when you were younger and you were making stuff that people weren't gonna see."
Premiered on December 21, 2016
From the series, Art21 Exclusive
Artist Brian Jungen creates two-sided prints from archival newspaper clippings, revealing the lens of otherness through which Native people are frequently viewed. 
"It was always about inequality but it wasn't really from the Native person's perspective," says Jungen of the newspaper articles. "These are the stories I would have read as a kid and they would have made me feel really bad about being Native."
Premiered on December 22, 2016
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"I try to understand my life as a movement through different spaces" 
Do Ho Suh in the Art21 Exclusive series episode, "Do Ho Suh: Rubbing / Loving"
Art21 Events: Close Up with Daniel Gordon & Ruby Sky Stiler
Join Art21 next month for an evening of film and discussion with artists Daniel Gordon and Ruby Sky Stiler, followed by a cocktail reception. Married duo Daniel and Ruby will tell us about their own work, and how they navigate and support each other's professional careers. 
A screening of Art21 New York Close Up films featuring the artists will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Art21's Director of Production Nick Ravich. Get free tickets

Highlights from the Art21 Magazine
Nick Cave, Until (2016) installation view, MASS MoCA. Photo by James Prinz, courtesy of MASS MoCA.
From the January / February "Momentum" issue: 
Artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez introduces the "Momentum" issue with a call to action: end cultural inequity by challenging the art world's existing power structures.
Letter from the Editor: On the Power of Art and Challenging Cultural Inequity | January 17, 2017
Jacquelyn Gleisner speaks with Season 8 artist Nick Cave about his immersive installation Until, on view at MASS MoCA through September 2017. 
"Is There Racism in Heaven?"--An Interview with Nick Cave | January 17, 2017

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"If you're an artist or a creator, there's a lot of time spent thinking and talking how we should talk about art. And finally to go into a space where it was like...we're not gonna focus on that, we're gonna focus on what we make, is refreshing."
Artist and Whoop Dee Doo crew member Michael O'Malley in the Art21 New York Close Up series episode "Matt Roche & Jaime Warren's Big Extended Whoop Dee Doo Family"
Featured Video from the Art21 Library
From the series, Art21 Exclusive
"When I start to really hate it, it starts to go someplace. You have to get down into that place where you absolutely hate it and want to rip it off the wall-rip it to pieces and throw it out-to start getting into it."
--Elizabeth Murray
Premiered on March 22, 2013

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