Arrowhead Gallery ETC’s current featured artists are Gayla Folkman and Jim Ross. Please join
them for a featured artist reception Friday,
October 14, from 6-8pm, 68 E. Tabernacle in St.
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Gayla travels extensively and her home has always been in the West. Everywhere she looks she sees a beautiful
painting. She has spent years studying art. She paints in watercolor, oil, and pastel in plein air whenever possible. She
is always trying to capture a feeling when she paints – the atmosphere of the mist moving off the iced lake with a
backdrop of Alaskan glaciers or the sunlight warming the pink patina of ancient buildings with fishing boats bobbing in
the harbor. When Gayla hears others make statements about her paintings such as “I feel like I am walking the path in
the painting” she feels a measure of success.
Jim started his glass artwork by chance. He was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. When a friend of his
decided to leave his business, Jim jumped at the opportunity to try his hand at creating one-of-a-kind, glass works of art.
Jim enjoys the process of putting several sizes and shapes together by melting and meshing them to create his own,
unique designs. He always gets excited to open the kiln and see the finished product. He became, and is still intrigued
by the process. He treasures all the different designs he creates