Private Sector News Roundup from Americans for the Arts–February 2017

Private Sector News Roundup–February 2017
A program of the Private Sector Network at Americans for the Arts
Michael Newton Award
It that time of year again! Americans for the Arts is seeking nominees for its annual awards, to handed out during the annual convention in San Francisco. We are currently seeking nominees for the Michael Newton Awards, which recognizes an individual, staff member, or volunteer for his or her innovation in developing private sector partnerships for the arts and/or long-term achievement in effective and creative fundraising techniques. If you or someone you know should receive this award, let us know! Nominate someone today. 
From the Field
Springboard for the Arts recently released The Guide for Business Districts to Work with Local Artists, a free guide for place managers to work with artists on creative placemaking projects. Read more. 
Vanderbilt University’s Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy will receive funding from the NEA  to study the relationship between arts-based creativity and other types of innovation, in partnership with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville. Read more. 
Lydia Bailey Brown, executive director of the Kentucky Arts Council, recently wrote an op-ed on how the arts community can team with business to drive innovation. Read more. 
In early February, RACC launched Juice, a re-branded, re-vamped Arts Breakfast of Champions, a celebration of our Portland’s support for creative expression. Read more. 

Louisville, KY artists, including Private Sector Council member Theo Edmonds, join together to promote the message that NEA cuts would be a huge blow to the city and state. Read more. 
Colorado Business Committee for the Arts recently announced the appointment of a new executive director, Christin Crampton Day, who will take the place of Deborah Jordy. Read more. 
The Arts and Education Council of St. Louis recently announced a startup competition for arts entrepreneurs. Read more.  
At the end of last year, the Arts & Business Council of Boston released an infographic tracking its activities and successes for 2016. Read more.
News Roundup
In celebration of Black History Month, the Art Program at JPMorgan Chase presented an exhibition that showcases a variety of media, styles, and subject matter that demonstrate the broad spectrum of creative practice by black artists spanning several generations. Read more. 
Morton Salt recently collaborated with OK Go on their latest video, and also gave grants to five organizations that empower urban youth through music.Read more.
New research shows that companies are embracing employee values more and more, as corporate social responsibility grows in its ability to attract and retain talent. Read more. 
Hennessy recently recognized Black arts and business leaders and luminaries in new anniversary book. Read more.
Can a trip to an art museum ignite creativity in business? The Des Moines Register explores the idea. Read more. 
Darren Walker of the Ford Foundation sat down with Fast Company to explore why alliances with nonprofits are essential to corporations. Watch here. 
What do you get when 70 dancers and creative coders meet for a hackathon? Chaos, yes, but also 18 compelling two-minute performances using both familiar and emerging new media tools, like full-body motion tracking, livestreamed 360-degree video, projection mapping, machine learning, virtual reality, and repurposed biometric data. Read more. 
Arrow Electronics issues a “call for innovation” to professional artists worldwide.Read more. 
Steelcase CEO, Jim Keane, rethought how the furniture company’s office was designed and laid out to make employees and executive more accountable–and inspired. Read more. 
From The Hill: funding the arts is more than preserving culture. It’s big business.Read more. 
The Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, which still bills itself as “one of the top tourist destinations in the country,” is promoting its 25th anniversary with a writer-in-residence. Read more. 
The Conference Board recently took a look at Wells Fargo’s practice of “flash philanthropy” event, which gives employees the chance to hear pitches from local nonprofits and vote on their favorite during Wells Fargo’s employee giving campaign. Read more. 

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