Send Legislative Leaders A Letter Today to Prioritize Cultural Funding Requests

As appropriations are being deliberated and finalized, please take five minutes today to contact legislative leadership and ask them to prioritize the following cultural industry appropriation requests:

  1. Increase Arts & Museums Grants ($5M)

  2. Increase K-12 STEAM ED ($10.4M)

  3. Cement Capital Facilities (2 tiers)

  4. Historic Rehabilitation Grant or Tax Credit

  5. $375,000 for Art Collection & Truck

You may use our sample letter by using the button below.


Once you have customized your letter as you see fit, please send it to the following members of the Executive Appropriations Committee:

Sen. Stevenson, Senate Chair - [email protected]

Rep. Peterson,  House Chair - [email protected]

Sen. Ipson, Senate Vice Chair - [email protected]

Rep. Spendlove, House Vice Chair - [email protected]

Sen. Adams, Senate President - [email protected]

Sen. Cullimore - [email protected]

Sen. Escamilla - [email protected]

Sen. Millner - [email protected]

Sen. Pitcher - [email protected]

Sen. Plumb - [email protected]

Sen. Riebe - [email protected]

Sen. Vickers - [email protected]

Rep. Dailey-Provost - [email protected]

Rep. Hollins - [email protected]

Rep. Lesser - [email protected]

Rep. Lisonbee - [email protected]

Rep. Moss - [email protected]

Rep. Romero - [email protected]

Rep. Schultz - [email protected]

Rep. Wilson, House Speaker - [email protected]

Ernesto Balderas


Interim Executive Director [email protected]