Creativity Chronicles - UCA Report - Quarter 1, 2023

We've had a busy quarter here at Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA)! Here are just a few highlights, but make sure to check out the full slide deck or PDF report below for more detail. This is our first quarterly report, in an effort to give more insight into our ongoing activities in collaboration with all of you in the cultural industry!

  • 586 creatives engaged with the legislative process at the 2023 legislative dinner and Cultural Industry Advocacy Day
  • Tickets on sale now for Culture Connect 2023
  • 402,844 unique site visitors on (NPU) in Q1, up 13.3% YoY!
  • 38,586 ticket sales driven by NPU in Q1
  • Economic data distributed to 300+ elected officials at all levels of government
  • Launched phase 1 of K-12 STEAM Education Strategic Roadmap
  • 100% Cultural caucus membership at the Utah Legislature (the only state in the nation to accomplish this!)
  • $54 million in new funding secured from the Utah Legislature
  • and more, inside

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Dustin Nay


Communications Director