When 18 days to go September 02, 2022 at 10:00am 2 days 12 hrs
Contact 2022 Urban Arts Festival [email protected]
The festival, scheduled for September 2 through September 4, 2022 will be a celebration of urban art for the community, art lovers, and families. The festival features art, vendors, music, dance, live street art demonstrations, and more.

ABOUT THE URBAN ARTS FESTIVAL The Urban Arts Festival is a FREE community event organized by Utah Arts Alliance. Started in 2011, the Urban Arts Festival is one of the most unique and exciting events in SLC. The festival showcases hundreds of artists, performers, and musicians. In 2012 the readers of City Weekly voted the Urban Arts Festival as the BEST new Festival in Utah and in 2013 the Festival won an Arty award for the Best Indie Art Event in Utah. In 2016 it was named the Best Fest for the rest! URBAN ARTS FESTIVAL CONNECTS THE ARTS TO COMMUNITY The Urban Arts Festival benefits the community in Salt Lake in many ways, including giving the public an opportunity to experience some of the most relevant and current art in the state. Attendees will experience some of the newest and most innovative dance and music performances around. The public can also participate in the many projects at the festival, whether it is creating their own skate deck art, voting in the several audience-choice competitions at the festival, taking art workshops, or just enjoying the unique atmosphere that can only be found at the Urban Arts Festival. The festival draws thousands of people, both from inside and outside the state, to downtown SLC for the day, supporting local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, shops, parking lots, and clubs. The benefits also extend to the artists that sell their unique works at the festival and the many musicians and performers that use this opportunity to increase their visibility and expand their audience. The festival and our patrons brings millions of dollars to the downtown economy and is supported by the Salt Lake City Corp. Salt Lake County and the State of Utah. This festival is unique to the city as it provides the best opportunity for Urban Artists to be showcased and celebrated for the positive cultural impact they have on the society. Urban Art is all about city life and culture and Salt Lake City has an amazingly diverse population, many of whom celebrate urban cultural/artistic expressions.