Utah's Cultural Industry is comprised of for-profit and nonprofit businesses within the arts, culture, entertainment, museums, film and humanities sector. This annual report details quantitative impact of the industry. Economic data is from Kem Gardner Policy Institute sourced from; JobsEQ!, WESTAF Creative Vitality Suite, IMPLAN, 93 NAIC Codes & 97 SOC Codes, The National Arts & Cultural Production Satellite Account (ACPSA), Americans for the Arts: Art & Economic Prosperity IV Report, Omnitrak TravelTrak America, Department of Workforce Services, and the Utah Tax Commission. Below is some of the most important data within the report for 2021, the year for which most recent data is available. For more detailed information, please read the report.



  1. Cultural Industry supports 108,560 jobs (1 in 12 Utah Jobs)
  2. Created $17.8 billion in sales (9% of Utah's 2021 GDP)
  3. Generated $309 million in total tax revenue
  4. Generated $90.5 million in sales tax (3.9% of total sales tax revenue for Utah 2021)
  5. Over 650 cultural businesses are located in Utah
  6. Responsible for 13% of Utah's 2021 Tourism
  7. Generated an average of $569 per travel party per trip for cultural/art trips

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