August 2020 Special Session:
  • $7.5M refill to Create in Utah grants
  • $3M refill to Multicultural Affairs grants
  • $20M refill to Shop in Utah grants
  • $1M refill to the PPE grants (Stay Safe to Stay Open)
  • $1M for mobile testing for businesses (partnership between Dept of Health and GOED)
  • $1M for a Healthcare outreach and public awareness campaign (In Utah)
  • $2M for a public health practices mass media campaign (encouraging mask wearing)
  • $25M to natural resources for broadband internet upgrades for impacted communities
  • $3.9M for wifi access in San Juan County (serving Navajo Nation primarily)
  • $19M for state board of ed for PPE, classroom supplies, enhancements and equipment.
For this second round, there will be no budget caps in the Create in Utah grants!! We were also successful in removing recreation and for-profits (who should be in Shop in Utah although we are very glad that a number of our creative for-profits were able to do the first round of Creates). GOED and DHA will work together to figure out some language regarding institutions applying into the other grant pool in the second round. There hopefully will be a way for most or all of our industry to receive a second round of support, but everyone is still working on the details. We were successful in getting those rules removed from the bill itself, it will be better to have GOED and DHA address it in their grant rules separately.
Between the June special session and this one our combined totals are:
  • $16.5M for arts & cultural orgs
  • $4M for multicultural orgs
  • Plus several cultural organizations did/will utilize the combined $55M in Shop in Utah Grants that’s open to all businesses as well as the PPE and other grants. 
This is pretty phenomenal for a red state and an indication of the strong partnership between Utah Department of Heritage and Arts, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Utah Museums Association, and UCA. Our years of hard work building champions in the legislature for culture is paying off. Thank you to our partners, it is a pleasure to work with Jill, Kat, Vicki, and Ruth every day. Thank you to our fantastic lobbyists Spencer Stokes and Adam Kolowich who work so hard on our behalf. Spencer and Adam rock. I also want to thank our NPU/UCA team of Kylie, Ruth, Alison, Ernesto, Aiden, and Miles. Being able to grow the team has made a fantastic difference in our ability to better serve our cultural umbrella (arts, multicultural, museums, film, humanities, and entertainment). Thank you to our members and sponsors for making our work possible. Together, all of us make a great team and it takes a village!