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HB128, Rep. Handy: "Consumer Ticket Protection Modifications." UCA SUPPORTED, the bill passed both chambers.

This bill requires that any ticket reseller clearly identify itself as a secondary reseller. It requires all resellers to state that the tickets sold by them may be higher than face value, and to provide an itemized breakdown of the resale price. It makes it illegal for any ticket reseller to try and impersonate a primary seller, including by using the name of the event, venue, artist, etc. in their domain names. It instructs the Division of Consumer Protection to enforce these rules with stiff penalties.

SB69, Sen. Henderson: "Consumer Ticket Protection Amendments." UCA was NEUTRAL, the bill passed both chambers.

This bill does three important things.  First, it says that any person may issue up to 10% of their tickets for an event as "restricted" tickets, meaning tickets that cannot be resold (i.e. change tickets from one name to another).  Second, it says that any venue may denominate up to 10% of the concert and theater events in a given year as "restricted" events, and issue as many restricted tickets for those events as it chooses.  Third, beginning in 2020, it creates reporting requirements for ticket-issuing organizations who offer restricted tickets. Organizations exempt from this bill include:  International Film Festivals (Sundance), the NCAA basketball tournament, and official events of any college/university. 

UCA commentary:

While SB 69 does prohibit primary ticket sellers from restricting more than 10% of their tickets, that definition of restriction is very specific. It ONLY restricts a from who have the technological ability to restrict tickets from ever being transferred to another person. All other forms of restriction (such as the measures taken around Hamilton) are not restricted i.e. restricting the number of tickets a patron can resell, only allowing a ticket to be transferred to a family member, waiting mechanisms, printing “not for resale” on the ticket, etc. are not restricted by SB 69.

HB 224, Rep. Winder: Department of Heritage and Arts Amendments. UCA SUPPORTED, the bill passed both chambers.

Puts in statute the Division of Multicultural Affairs and Utah Multicultural Commission which were previously created via Executive Order. This solidifies these important state functions in statute. One of the duties of the Division of Multicultural Affairs includes helping nonprofit entities receiving state funds to promote inclusiveness, gain the trust of the state's multicultural communities, and works with various state agencies to sure the state provides equitable resources, services and programs that address the needs of the state's multicultural communities. The bill also makes a few minor technical changes to how various boards within the Department define quorum and how pass through appropriations are distributed.

SB81 Substitute 1, Sen. Iwamoto and Rep. Sagers: Native American Remains Amendments. UCA SUPPORTED, the bill passed both chambers.

Creates a fund for the Native American Repatriation Restricted Account. This fund pays for the time and travel expenses for tribes when they exchange with the state in official ‘tribal consultations’. When Native American remains are found, tribes have the ability to claim individuals for repatriation and re-interment, however all but a handful of these individuals are housed in a vault near Salt Lake City due to financial, realty, and training constraints. The purpose of this bill is to remove the financial burden for tribal consultation from the tribes and, hopefully, lead to a more active repatriation process to the tribes. 

SB73, Sen. Henderson: Amendments to Martha Hughes Cannon Oversight Committee. UCA SUPPORTED, the bill passed both chambers.

Clarifies that the statue of Martha Hughes Cannon, along with funds donated for its creation, maintenance, and transportation, belong to the State of Utah 

SCR02 Rep. Kwan & Rep Watkins: Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Navajo Code Talker. UCA SUPPORTED, the bill passed both chambers.

Recognizes and honors the legacy and bravery of the Navajo Code Talkers and and designates August 14, 2019 as "Utah Navajo Code Talkers Day"  to honor them. It specifically names the 8 living Navajo Code talkers.

SB 101: Sen. Iwamoto: Navajo Code Talker Recognition. UCA SUPPORTED, the bill passed both chambers.

Connected to SCR02, this annually sets Navajo Code Talker Day on August 14th in state statute so it is celebrated every year.

SB87 Sen. Escamilla: Procurement of Design Professionals Amendments. UCA SUPPORTED, the bill passed both chambers.

Adds interior designers as part of the definition for "design professionals" and adds interior design services to the definition of "design professional services" for which the state must follow standing procurement practices when hiring their services.

Appropriations Requests that Benefit the Entire Arts & Humanities Sector. 

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  • Utah Division of Arts & Museums // $6 million ongoing // This increase to grant funding for cultural organizations is distributed through the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. These funds will be allocated directly to nonprofit and municipal cultural organizations statewide through a competitive process.
  • Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) // $1.5 million ongoing allows this important program to serve more elementary children around the state
  • iSEE (Informal Science Education Enhancement) // $282,900 ongoing increase helps the 9 orgs better support students and teachers statewide in STEM education
  • POPS (Professional Outreach Program in Schools) // $500,000 ongoing // $200,000 ongoing will allow the POPS groups to improve programming and better serve students. $300,000 will open up the RFP to allow new organizations to participate, as well as allow special projects for some of the existing organizations.

Appropriations Requests by UCA members (alphabetical order)

  • Ballet West // $250,000 one-time // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Bramble // To support 75th anniversary celebration of the Nutcracker, including production of a documentary to be aired on PBS nationally
  • Bear River Massacre Permanent Interpretation Center // $1,000,001 one-time // RFA Sponsor: Rep. Perry // It is necessary that the massacre against the Shoshone Nation at Bear River be memorialized for the benefit of both the tribe and the greater community. This will be accomplished through the construction of a permanent location for annual commemoration, construction of structures for self‐conducted tours around the site, construction of a place to house tribal artifacts, placing of interpretive displays and learning areas in mentioned structures, organization of programs to foster understanding, and designation of a conference site for tribal leaders and landowners to research and learn.
  • Better Days 2020 // $1,000,000 1x // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Vickers // To support the statewide First Vote Campaign in 2020. It will include: digital projection experiences and permanent historical markers in 5 counties: local print and advertising; support of three key events celebrating the anniversary; and provide increased teacher and student awareness of local suffrage history.
  • Center for Documentary Expression and Art // $40,000 one-time // RFA Sponsor: Rep. Karen Kwan // To complete the statewide “Missing Stories” project. The completed work will expand, update, and redesign the centennial publication, “Missing Stories: An Oral History of Ethnic and Minority groups in Utah,” for use by K-12 Social Studies teachers and the general public.
  • CenterPoint Legacy Theater // $100,000 ongoing // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Vickers // To support all community and outreach programs of CenterPointe Legacy Theater.
  • Elizabeth Stewart Treehouse Museum // $4 million one-time // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Sandall // Treehouse has purchased the adjacent property and is seeking one-time funding to expand their facility with a new wing for exhibits and programming to meet increasing demand. The total expansion project cost is $12 million.
  • Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point // $2,000,000 one-time // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Hemmert // To expand and improve the interactive, inquiry based, educational benefit of Farm Country. As Utah's population grows and the Wasatch Front becomes a dense urban corridor, Farm Country will tell the story of innovation and technology that allows less than 2% of the population (the American Farmer) to feed 100% of the population.
  • Hale Center Theater - Orem // $150,000 one-time // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Hemmert //The Hale Center Foundation for the Arts & Education will update an archaic ticketing system implemented shortly after the Hale Center Theater Orem was opened. A new data system will help the Theater and Hale Academy for the Performing Arts better communicate with patrons, students, actors, directors, designers, staff to increase ticket sales, participate in arts education, and deepen relationships with the community to help build a new Theater at University Place.
  • Illuminate Utah’s Projection Art and Creative Technology Festival at Utah Arts Alliance // $300,000 1x // To purchase projection equipment
  • Kimball Arts Center // $1,000,000 one-time // RFA Sponsor: Rep. Winterton // Towards new building in Park City arts district
  • Leonardo Student Mind Riot // $200,000 one-time //RFA Sponsor: Rep. Handy // Funding to expand program that teaches high school students problem solving and entrepreneurship skills
  • Moab Music Festival // $25,000 one-time & $25,000 ongoing // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Hinkins // Funds support operation of the festival, which brings top performers and guests from all over the world to the Moab area. 
  • Odyssey Dance Theater // $130,000 ongoing // RFA Sponsor: Rep. Spendlove // Operation and production costs related to free and reduced cost live dance performances, workshops and scholarships.
  • Off Broadway Theater // $43,000 // RFA Sponsor: Rep. Kwan // The Off Broadway Theater (OBT) is Salt Lake's downtown hot spot for comedy. We opened in 1994, performing family‐friendly parodies, traditional plays, musicals, and live improv comedy shows. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our audiences get a chance to see a unique brand of comedy in both the plays and the improv shows throughout the year.
  • Salty Cricket Composers Collective // $25,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Rep. Escamilla // Provides 8 students with an entire year of music-based after-school and summer instruction at El Sistema @ Salty Cricket.
  • Salt Lake Film Society // $90,000 one-time // Sponsor: Rep. Hollins // Plan, design and install the retrofitting of seven auditoriums at SLFS' Broadway Centre Cinemas and Tower Theatre, with new speakers, sound panels and micro-perforated movie screens, including screen masking systems, and all associated automated mechanical systems needed to operate them.
  • Spy Hop Youth Media Arts // $250,000 one time // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Kitchen // Construction of new youth media arts center
  • Sundance Institute // $1,500,000 ongoing // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Sandall // To support the Sundance Institutes year round events bringing artists to Utah, as well as local outreach programs 
  • Utah Humanities // $25,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Rep. Winder // To support the next Museum on Main Street Smithsonian exhibition coming to Utah. The exhibit is called Water Ways, and will travel to five rural locations or small museums around the State.  
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art // $50,000 // RFA Sponsor Sen. Kitchen // This funding will support art exhibitions and art education programming at the museum. These are free and open to the public, and include an art truck that travels throughout the state.
  • Utah Shakespeare Festival // $350,000 ongoing // RFA Sponsor: Sen. Vickers // General funding for 2019 Utah Shakespeare Festival Season
  • Utah Symphony | Utah Opera // $350,000 one-time // RFA Sponsor: Rep. Barlow // To support a one-week statewide concert tour in August 2020 by the orchestra, its Music Director Thierry Fischer, and guest artists. Inspired by USUO’s Mighty 5® tour in 2014 and the Great American Road Trip tour in 2017.
  • Winter Market at Rio Grande // $30,000 ongoing //  Funds received from the state are used to offset rental costs of using the Rio Grande Depot for the Winter Market. This state funding represents roughly 10% of our budget for this market.