Bills Supported by Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance

SCR1 // CONCURRENT RESOLUTION RECOMMENDING REPLACEMENT OF STATUE OF PHILO FARNSWORTH IN UNITED STATES CAPITOL // Sponsored by Sen. Weiler // Initiates the replacement of the state's statue of Philo Farnsworth in the United States Capitol with a statue of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon.

HB352 // MUSIC THERAPY CERTIFICATE DESIGNATION AMENDMENTS // Sponsored by Rep. Edwards // Changes the certificate for Music Therapy to a license in order to greater professionalize the field.

HB166 // DIVISION OF STATE HISTORY AMENDMENTS // Sponsored by Rep. Winder // Adds language to allow State History to provide matching grants to be used for maintaining headstones and landscaping around headstones.

HB180 // ART COLLECTION COMMITTEE AMENDMENTS // Sponsored by Rep. Arent // Changes the name of the state-owned art collection to the Alice Merrill Horne Collection. 

SB 43 // STATE FOSSIL AMENDMENT // Sponsored by Sen. Bramble / Designates the Utahraptor as the state dinosaur.

Utah Cultural Advocay Alliance currently has no position on the following bills:

SB63 // CHARITY REGISTRATION AMENDMENTS // Sponsored by Sen. Hemmert and Rep. Dunnigan // Somewhat simplifies which professional fundraisers and entities ares required to hold a Charitable solicitation permit. 

SB28 & SB 29 // LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND LIMITED PURPOSE ENTITY REGISTRY & COUNTY LISTING OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND LIMITED PURPOSE ENTITIES // Sponsored by Sen. Henderson // SB28 & SB29 are companion bills that requires the LG office to create a registry on which a number of entities are required to register themselves on a registry for the ultimate purpose of increased transparency. Nonprofits who are already required to submit an accounting report to the auditor's office (those receiving at least $25K), must be on the registry.

SB52 // SALE OF STATE LAND ACT // Sponsored by Sen. Davis // Establishes a preference for leasing state land over selling state land; and establishes approval requirements for the sale of state land


Bills Opposed by Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance

HB202 // TAX INCENTIVE REVISIONS // Sponsored by. Rep. Christofferson // Would eliminate the Motion Picture Incentive Fund

Appropriations Requests from Utah Cultural Alliance Members (UCA supports these requests)


  • Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program // $1.6 million ongoing
  • POPS (Fine Arts Outreach) // $200,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Sen. Adams // Increase to their standing appropriations that will be specifically for Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Repertory Dance Theatre, Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, and Tanner Dance to better enable these organizations to reach more bilingual, rural, and low income areas and to update the arts experiences in these programs to deepen the connection in relation to these students. POPS currently receives $4,571,000.
  • iSEE // $550,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Rep. Arent // Pay to visit more students, more resources, more translations
  • Collections Management Facility Study // $1,000,000 1x // To fund an architectural study for a new Collections Management Facility for Department of Heritage and Arts because current collection storage spaces are inadequate and collections are at risk.
  • Transcontinental Railroad // $1.4 million 1x // Sponsor: Rep. Sandall // To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Golden Spike
  • Chinese Descendants Golden Spike Conference // $50,000 1x // Rep. Kwan // FY18 $20,000; FY19 $30,000 to recognize the impact of Chinese workers on the railroad during the Spike 150 celebration (if not included in Rep. Sandall's request)
  • Department of Heritage and Arts // $125,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Governor's Budget // To hire a second ancient human remains recovery and analysis personnel
  • Department of Heritage and Arts // $500,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Governor's Budget // Arts Sustainability Grants
  • Department of Heritage and Arts // $90,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Governor's Budget // To hire a collections management personnel (focusing on fine, folk, and public art)
  • Department of Heritage and Arts // $75,000 ongoing // Sponsor: Governor's Budget // Indian Affairs Structure Imbalance (for their existing administrative assistant position)
  • Utah Film Commission Incentives // $9 million ongoing // Sponsor Rep. Hutchings // To grow the motion picture incentives program


  • Ballet West: $500,000 1x // Rep. Edwards // International Touring and Choreographic Festival
  • Better Days 2020: $500,000 ongoing // Sen. Henderson // Educational Curriculum, walking tour, educational website
  • Cache Valley Center for the Arts: $500,000 1x // Sen. Hillyard // Capital request for improvements to the Ellen Eccles Theatre
  • Center Point Legacy Theatre: $250,000 ongoing // Sen. Weiler // to support their outreach programs. The outreach programs included are focused on students (ages 5-18), families and special needs members of the community
  • Discovery Gateway: $500,000 1x // Todd Weiler // Museum Revitalization - Exhibits and programs
  • Egyptian Theatre (Park City): $400,000 1x // Rep. Wilde // For the new black box space
  • Hale Center Foundation for the Arts & Education (Hale Center Theater - Orem): $30,000 1x // Sen. Hemmert // $30,000 of a $90,000 capital improvement project
  • Hale Centre Theatre - Sandy: $100,000 ongoing // Sen. Hemmert // to support educational programs
  • Illuminate Festival - Utah Arts Alliance: $100,000 ongoing // Jim Dabakis // to support tech and artists associated with festival
  • The Leonardo: $175,000 ongoing // Sen. Anderegg // upgrade exhibits
  • Moab Music Festival: $50,000 ongoing // Sen. Hinkins // Artist fees, production costs, Festival costs
  • Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Dugway Proving Ground ExhibitL $82,700 // Rep. Redd // To fund exhibit by internationally acclaimed artist David Maisel titled Proving Ground, focused on Dugway Proving Ground, a classified military site in a remote region of Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert. 
  • Salt Lake Film Society:$50,000 1x // Sen. Dabakis // educational outreach and help with ADA accessibility improvements
  • Spy Hop Productions: $1 million 1x // Val Peterson // Spy Hop Youth Media Center 
  • Sundance Festival: $2million ongoing // Rep. Quinn
  • Utah Humanities: $50,000 ongoing // Sen. Millner // for Museum on Main Street and the educational Clemente/Venture programs ($25,000 for each)


  • Utah Film Commission // $200,000 cut from the Motion Picture Incentive Fund
  • Hale Centre Theatre - Sandy // $100,000 ongoing (their entire appropriation)