2016 Accomplishments

2016 Accomplishments

  1. We are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year. However, we discovered in our history that Crystal compiled from past board members and UCA staff that while we received our nonprofit status in 1981, we were actually incorporated in 1980, making us 36 this year. :S
  2. Yet another year of growing the membership and our revenues!
  3. Sold out luncheon, largest in modern history of UCA. 180 seats!
  4. 2016 Pillars of the Community, held at Zions Bank, was very successful. We honored: Michael Ballam, Founder of Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre // Cynthia Buckingham, Executive Director of Utah Humanities // Christy Williams, Program Director at KZMU in Moab and Founder of Moab ArtTrails
  5. We had another great year fighting for culture at the legislature and have also been working with a number of municipalities on local cultural initiatives such as more RAP-type taxes and 1% for public art programs.
  6. We sent Derek Dyer to National Arts Advocacy Day in D.C.
  7. We are ahead of schedule in implementing our 5 year strategic plan:
    1. We received our 501(c)4 that allows us to do even more with advocacy and policy making! We have also created a separate board to govern the 501(c)4.
    2. We have a funding plan in place for our 501(c)4 that will help grow UCA to a full-time organization (Crystal will talk about it more).
    3. We released a candidate survey that graded over 100 candidates on their friendliness of their campaigns towards culture.
    4. Culture Bytes went on the road to Cache (twice), Cedar City, and Moab. Moab and Cedar City were multi day trips with multiple events.
    5. Great turnout as well at all Salt Lake Culture Bytes, due in large part to our partnership with Salt Lake County’s Zoo, Arts, and Parks (ZAP). We also held three in the new Community Conversations format that were friendly to individual artists as well as those working for organizations.
    6. We released the first of our State of the State reports that assesses the economic contribution of Utah’s cultural businesses. This is a year ahead of schedule! We presented it to the Business, Economic Development, and Labor Appropriations Sub-committee at the legislature to great acclaim. 
    7. We are beginning the process to better collect statewide economic data from cultural businesses. 

2015 Accomplishments

  1. Yet another year of growing the membership and our revenues!
  2. Sold out luncheon
  3. Culture Bytes in Cache and Moab
  4. Great turnout at all Culture Bytes/Brown Bags, due in large part to our partnership with Salt Lake County’s Zoo, Arts, and Parks (ZAP). 
  5. New Pillars of the Community format (a networking oriented evening event), honored an organization for the first time and turned it into a small fundraiser for our organization.
  6. Increased advocacy successes thanks to our lobbyist Jayceen Walker and advocacy team: Ken Crossley, Brooke Horejsi, and Penelope Caywood. Stay tuned for our 2016 legislative priorities! 
  7. We sent Derek to National Arts Advocacy Day AND Ken to National Humanities Advocacy Day!
  8. We drafted a strategic plan, certainly our first in at least 10+ years and possibly our first in the history of the organization (since 1981!)


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