Bills and Appropriations to watch - Legislative Session 2017

This is a list of bills and appropriations to watch for the 2017 Utah Legislative Session:

Version: Jan. 30, 2017


HB0211 (Rep. Edwards) // State Work of Art // Would designate the Spiral Jetty as the state work of art, the first cultural item out of 33 state designations. Rep. Edwards ran this bill last year and it passed the house by a wide margin but never received a vote in the senate. This bill was amended to list Spiral Jetty as the State Work of Land Art. // UCA supports // Status: Passed House & Senate, awaiting Governor's signature 

HB0188 (Rep. Wilson) // Local Historic District Amendments // Clarifies provisions related to the creation of local historic districts or areas. Essentially the restrictions passed last year (which UCA opposed) will only apply to citizen-led historic district designations. Efforts led by a mayor or city council will not have to follow the same process. // UCA supports // Status: Passed House & Senate

HB0069 (Rep. Edwards) // Capital Facilities Revisions // Moves reporting and management of pass through funding from divisions to the Department of Heritage and Arts, allows for quarterly payments to be made for pass through funds as long as the department receives a progress report from the recipient, and eliminates the requirement that the Arts Council board review and prioritize capitol facilities requests. This is essentially the same bill that was run last year but wasn’t voted on in the senate. // UCA has no position // Status: Passed House & Senate

SB171 (Sen. Hinkins) // State Rock Art Designation // Would Designate Native America Rock Art as the State Work of Arts // UCA supports // Status: Passed House & Senate

HCR004 (Rep. Snow) // Concurrent Resolution Recognizing 50 Years of Public Television // This concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor recognizes the 50th Anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act // UCA supports // Status: Passed House & Senate

HCR002 (Rep. Handy) // Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the United States and Utah’s Participation in World Ward I // This resolution recognizes the United States' and Utah's participation in World War I and urges the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs to establish the Utah World War I Centennial Commission. // UCA supports // Status: Passed House & Senate

SB137 (Sen. Bramble) // Fiscal Requirements for Local Governments and Nonprofits // Makes some tweaks to the code requiring nonprofits to submit audits or financial reviews to the state auditors office if they receive certain amounts of public monies. Organizations receiving over $1,000,000 are required to submit an audit and organizations receiving between $350,000 and 1,000,000 are required to submit a review. // UCA supports // Status: Passed House & Senate

HB 0030 (Rep. Webb) // Historic Preservation Amendements // Adjusts the process (again) for municipalities trying to create a historic district. Allows local legislative bodies to create a Historic Preservation Commission and a review panel for appeals that includes at least one elected official. // UCA has no position // Status: Passed House & Senate

SB33 (Sen. Bramble) // Consumer Protection Revisions // Gives the Division of Consumer Protection more leeway to levy fines for violations; makes it clear that each chapter (defined as a chapter, branch, area, office, or similar affiliate of a charitable organization) of an organization, even if the parent organization is based outside of Utah, needs a charitable solicitation permit (i.e. if an organization has multiple chapters, each chapter would need a permit); Removes the exception that allowed solicitations to an established membership (if passed, such a solicitation would need a permit) // UCA has no position // Status: Passed House & Senate

SB0082 (Sen. Weiler) // Library Technology Use Amendments // Libraries receiving state funds would be required to ensure their wireless networks cannot be used to access pornographic materials, even on personal devices. // UCA has no position // Status: Passed House & Senate

HB0114 // Local School Entity Amendments // This bill modifies provisions relating to the Minimum School Program Act // UCA has no position

HB0043  // American Indian & Alaskan Native Education Amendments // Creates a four-year pilot program to address the needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native students. // UCA has no position

HB0120 // University Student Housing Construction Oversight // This bill modifies a provision relating to the construction of state facilities // UCA has no position

SB0078  // TEACHER PEDAGOGICAL ASSESSMENT // This bill enacts provisions related to a teacher pedagogical assessment // UCA has no position

HJR005 // Recognizing the Lunar New Year // Recognizes that many communities in Utah celebrate the Lunar New Year // UCA has no position


2017 Cultural Appropriations 

Priority Appriopriations (in alphabetical order):


Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program // $1.5million ongoing to make their total ongoing appropriation $11.25 million funded at $1,000,000 ongoing

POPS // On-going funding of $750,000 for POPS to bring in the PROVISIONAL (RFP) Groups // $750,000 (on-going) funded at $700,000 ongoing

Utah Division of Arts and Museums // Arts Sustainability Grant // $500,000 one time funded at $250,000 ongoing


Additional appropriations we support (in alphabetical order), more to come as they are announced (asterisk indicates UCA members)

*Cache Valley Center for the Arts // $1,000,000, one-time // Capital replacement for the Ellen Eccles Theatre funded at $100,000 one-time

*CenterPoint Theatre // $276,000, one-time, // Capitol Improvement Projects funded at $175,000 one-time

Clark Planetarium (iSEE ask) // $40,000 ongoing // to bring more students to educational IMAX movies and to the museum itself funded at $40,000

Desert Star Theater // $250,000 one-time // general operating funds, supplement their sales tax payments (they are for profit) funded at $100,000 one-time

*Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum (iSEE ask) // $320,000 ongoing // to create a Kindergarten program funded at $320,000

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum // $1,000,000, one-time // new exhibits funded at $500,000 one-time

Hale Center Theater (Orem) // $250,000, one-time // Capitol improvements to theater not funded

*Hale Center Theatre (West Valley City/Sandy) // $100,000, one-time // general operating funds funded at $100,000 one-time

The Leonardo // $25,000, one-time // additional support for Flight exhibit funded at $75,000 one-time

Mesa Project // $500,000, one-time // Critical infrastructure for historic artists and writers retreat near Zion's National Park not funded 

*Moab Music Festival // $50,000, one-time // 25th Anniversary General Operating for Artist Fees, Marketing, Operations funded at $25,000 one-time

*Murray Arts Council // $148,170, one-time // Capital Funds for Amphitheater not funded

*Natural History Museum of Utah // $150,000, ongoing // for safety and security of spaces funded at $200,000 ongoing

*Salty Cricket Composers Collective // $16,000 one-time // General operating funds to support the El Sistema afterschool program funded at $15,000 one-time

Springville Museum of Art // $2,000, one-time // Support George Beard Photography Exhibition funded at $2,000

*Spyhop // $1,000,000, one-time  // Capital funds for new building not funded

*Sundance Institute // $750,000, one-time // General operating funds not funded

*Thanksgiving Point // $1.5 million, one-time // To Build New Life Discovery Center funded at $750,000 one-time

Town of Rockville // $100,000, one-time // For Historic Rockville Bridge funded at $100,000 one-time

*Utah Academic Library Consortium // $750,000 ongoing listed as PEA priority 11 with a recommended one-time funding of 1.3 million 

*Utah Department of Heritage and Arts // $230,000, ongoing // Increasing security for the Rio Grande building funded at $130,000 one-time

Utah Ethnic & Mining Museum and Western Hellenic Library // $40,000, one-time // Building improvements for failing building Not funded

*Utah Humanities // $50,000, one-time // Museum on Main Street  funded at $30,000

*Utah Office of Multicultural Affairs // $30,000, one-time // for Multicultural Youth Leadership Summit funded at $30,000 ongoing 

*Utah Shakespeare Festival // $150,000, ongoing // General operating funds funded at $50,000 ongoing

*Utah World War I Centennial Commission // $75,000 one-time (membership via State History which will manage the program) funded at $75,000 one-time





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