BEDL Notes 2.13.17

BUSINESS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND LABOR SUBCOMMITTEEFEB 13, 2017Business, Economic Development and Labor Appropriations Subcommittee February 14, 2017, 4:00 p.m. The committee made a series of adjustments: moving $750,000 Avenue H funding from ongoing to one-time as the program is phased out; reducing $336,2000 in rural hospital funds, reducing Manufacturer's Extension Partnership by $100,000; reducing USTAR grants by $530,000 in ongoing funding and moved $2,050,000 from the Commerce Service Fund balances to fund committee priorities. The committee accepted the prioritized lists for one time and ongoing requests for appropriations which will now be sent to Executive Appropriations. Links to the lists follow. It is anticipated that there is funding to cover the highlighted items.  Onetime Priorities Ongoing Priorities Motions and reductions

BEDL notes - Feb 9, 2017

BEDL Committee Meeting February 9, 2017   Monday meeting is from 4 pm - 6 pm   2. RFA - Sundance Institute (Rep. Webb, Sarah Pierce, managing director) - Average economic impact is $78 M per year, State benefits of state promotion, relationship with state office of tourism, $98 M Publicity Value from 1000 journalists and 45,000 print articles about Utah, Utah is promoted to the world when promoting in other festival locations   $ 750,000 one-time   3. RFA - United Way of Ogden (Sen. Buxton) Covers Northern Utah and touches thousands of people, offers a facility for non-profits of ogden, capital campaign update their building. Elizabeth Sutton from the Union Station foundation from Ogden was asked to come forward to talk about the importance of the funding that they receive from the Utah Legislature (usually $100,000 annually)    4. RFA - Ogden Pioneer Stadium (Sen. Buxton, Mark Johnson from Ogden City) Ogden Pioneer Days Foundation, Alan Hall, chairman, explained history, needs, and solutions: founded in 1932, largest of Utah’s pioneer day celebrations, 30 events, 180,000 visitors annually, one of the top 5 rodeos in the nation, 5 nights of rodeo, $ 16 M impact in weber county, aging stadium, After this year’s pioneer days, build a new structure costing $1.5 M, requests $550,000 one-time. Rep. Gardiner and Rep. Spackman Moss spoke in support of the Ogden Pioneer Days and Rodeo   5. RFA - Cluff House (Rep. Wilde) a building built in Coleville in 1935, restoring the building currently, ask for $20,000    7. RFA - Odyssey Dance Company - Rep. Gardiner - located at Kingsbury Hall, salary dance, increase outreach   6. RFA - El Sistema @ Salty Cricket (Rep. Hollins, Victoria Petro-Eschler)    8. RFA - GOED Financial Services Cluster Director (Rep. Webb) - currently only a part-time director to focus on three areas: 1. new charters 2. optimizing low-functioning charters 3. expanding successful business operations. Hoping to expand to a full-time director and expand the office ($60,000 one time, $100,000 on going)    9. RFA - Boys State/Girls State (Rep. Pitcher, Terry Scoul - from American Legion) - Only cost is to pay the University for housing and food, helps young people understand state, local, and federal government, open to high school juniors across the state and to all counties in good academic standing, this money offsets %20 of the tuition cost   10. RFA - Building Utah Youth / Youth Impact (Rep. Froerer, Rob) $350,000 - Ogden City school district has the lowest graduation rate in the State, this program helps them graduate and become productive citizens in the community, Baseball, Basketball, Snowboarding club, Founded by Rob, vast majority of funding is privatized funding   11. RFA - Rockville Historic Bridge (Rep. Last, Pam Leech) - Gateway city to Zion’s National Park, built in 1924 to provide a transportation link, only 247 residents, 2017 January 21,000 visitors to Zion’s National Park, so far raised $70,000, hoping for state support $100,000 one-time   12. RFA - Mesa Project (Rep. Last, Linda) 29 acre site acquired on a hill just with an incredible view of Zion’s National Park, The Mesa Project is a writer and artists retreat, $500,000 one-time for critical infrastructure, serving 85 artists and writers a year, the project includes cultural outreach to Garfield and Piute counties   13. RFA - Utah Ethnic & Mining Museum and Western Hellenic Library - (Rep. Duckworth) $40,000 one-time, 3rd JC Penney’s building in Utah, built in the 20s in Magna, museum features history of Kennecott Copper Mine and other mining in Utah, and also in documenting the diverse communities of Magna and the surrounding area    14. RFA - Utah Humanities on Main Street - (Rep. Wilson, Cynthia Buckingham) - brings exhibits from the Smithsonian to small and rural communities and museums, $50,000 one-time, Utah Humanities funding goes directly to their programs, many of the programs who have come before the committee received early support from UH, including spyhop and missing stories. This money would help smaller towns receive rare Smithsonian exhibits and offers capacity building for rural areas. These funds will help fund an exhibit about the story of water (economic, historical, etc.) to go to 5 museums, the ask is only 10% of the total cost of their project. Rep. Spackman Moss spoke praise to the Utah Humanities.    17. RFA - Daggett County Utah - (Rep. Wilde and Sen. Van Tassel) - 1962 the Flaming Gorge Dam was turned on as a power source and economic driver in Daggett County, their centennial celebration is coming up $60,000 one-time repairs on grand stands and equipment.    21. RFA - Big Outdoor Expo - (Rep. Gibson) Expo that is held in Utah county, promoting tourism in Utah, about skiing, golfing, and the national parks. Last year had 12,000 visitors, $150,000 request    Representative Noel is at a funeral and unable to present no.19. RFA - Center for Education, Business and the Arts  and 20. RFA - East Zion Shuttle Study Proposal, Senator Davis motioned that the requests might be emailed to the committee for their consideration.    Motions to be considered as changes to the base budgets from Dr. Wilko (Motion was reread and voted on because the motion was on written paper and not read aloud)    items for Heritage and Arts - Percent for Arts be its own line-item for further transparency of the program and allows collections from restricted fund to Heritage and Arts   Unanimously approved   22. RFA - Historic Festivals - (Rep. Christensen) - Drapers Days festival, brings in well-known artists, showed a video of the drone, this is centered in draper but includes people from all over the state, tied to heritage and arts    23. RFA - Utah Children’s Theater (Rep. Dunnigan, James Parker) - Located in South Salt Lake City, founded in 1986, reorganized in 2007, purchased and remodeled the Avalon Theater, funding for general operating support for arts education, not affiliated with a municipality, performances for children written by local artists, educating the younger generation about being patrons for the arts and culture, drama school in the summer, joked that Shakespeare is long and boring, which the legislators did not agree with (boos and disagreement heard all around), but he continued to talk about how the abridged Shakespeare series prepares children and adults to enjoy Shakespeare   Sen. Shiozawa talked about the possibility funding in the Heritage and Arts grants being given to some of the arts and museums that ask for appropriations through their competitive grant program, and talked about the importance of ongoing pass through funding being reported and measured (Southwest Symphony specifically mentioned, not having heard from them in 15 years)   EAC has told BEDL that they have no new funding beyond the usual funds that they have received, regardless of the increased number of organizations requesting funding          

BEDL Notes Feb 7

BEDL February 7, 2017 8 am   1. at 8:24 to approve minutes of Jan 26 - approved unanimously   2. RFA - “Missing Stories" History Project (Rep. Chavez-Houck)   3. RFA - Motion Picture Incentive Fund (Rep. Hutchings, Jeff Miller - Motion Picture Association of Utah) - Having Motion Pictures shot here is a way to brand Utah, Over last 5 years, $34 million uptick of business,    4. RFA - Social Security Tax credit (Rep. Westwood) Provides a tax credit for a tax payers taxable Social Security benefits, Sen. Harper - Was this from an interim study on tax credits? Was it recommended? It was studied, but not recommended.   20. RFA -  Impact Utah Manufacturing Support (Sen. Shiozawa)- $500,000 ongoing, a request that replaces $1.1 million, for manufacturing program (MEP) previously housed at UVU, now at the University of Utah,  aids USTAR businesses by helping with manufacturing. Sen. Peterson talking about history of the program, which receives money from grants. Some discussion if the MEP does the same thing as USTAR.    5. RFA - Winter Farmer’s Market (Sen. Briscoe) - $30,000 on going, Meets until about April every other week, hoping to meet every week. Met in Rio Grand, asked if the funds double for the building block of UHA   6. RFA - Better Days 2020 (Sen. Henderson, Naylin McMane) Money for a celebration and awareness campaign to commemorate the first women voting in Utah, Provides for education in schools to talk about the role that women from Utah had in getting federal recognition of the federal vote   7. RFA - Restoration Grantsville Donner Reed Museum - (Rep. Sagers, Mayor of Grantsville) - Originally an LDS meeting house, then city hall for a little while, now a museum. As an adobe building it is disintegrating   Committee Business - List of all appropriations Rank and prioritizing requests, and the lists will come out at the end of these presentations     8. RFA - Moab Music Festival (Senator Hinkins) - Moab music festival is longest running festival in South Eastern Utah, celebrating 25th anniversary   9. RFA - Technology Commercialization Innovation (Senator Millner) TCI helps businesses at the beginning of their startups    10. RFA - Cache County Fairgrounds (Sen. Hillyard, Craig Buttars) $300,000 one-time to help revitalize and remodel the county fairgrounds, as it stands, the fair grounds are going to have a problem staying open   11. RFA - Library Technology Use Amendments (Sen. Weiler, Jamie Monk Carter from Utah Libraries) - $50,000 to help filter wireless, this is not in the governor’s budget, but would go to the State Library Association to administer grants to libraries   12. RFA - Utah Falcons - IWFL Worldwide Championship Weekend (President Niederhauser, owner of the Falcons) - Women’s football team in Utah, requesting $30,000 for Utah’s hosting the championship, scores of 41 to nothing    13. RFA - Utah Refugee Scout Program (President Niederhauser, Michael Nebeker)    14. RFA - Hale Centre Theater (President Niederhauser, Brent Lang) - Hale Center Theatre (neiderhouser) // Brent Lang represented Hale // Neiderhouser: moving to Sandy, the new theatre is going to be amazing // brent: $100000 (1x) for general operating funds // past support has made a difference, one of the largest and most well run theaters in the world // 458 live performances, had to add 66 performances to meet the public demand // neiderhouser wanted to highlight that this hale is a nonprofit   16. RFA - Taste Utah (Senator Davis, Melba Sign, President of Utah Restaurant Association) - reach out advertising program for restaurants, considering there are a lot of tax dollars from restaurants in Utah, $ 250,000, goal is to increase reasons to eat out, promote dining as a destination 1% Restaurant tax generates a lot of revenue for the state   15. RFA - Desert Star (Gene Davis, Mike Todd) - Desert Star Playhouse (davis) // $250,000 one-time // simple premise: find out what everyone else is doing, and don’t do that // do musical comedy in a parody and satirical way // collecting and paying sales tax and don’t receive ZAP because they are a for profit entity // they think ZAP is putting them out of business since they aren’t eligible for ZAP tax and claimed that the government is putting them out of business // have a new youth theatre // Rep. Gardiner: recalled a conversation with Desert Star where they said they didn’t want to be a nonprofit because that’s not what they are, he commended them for being who they are    17. RFA - Professional Golf Tournament (Rep. Barlow) - tremendous opportunity for economic impact at Oakridge, request is ongoing   18.  RFA Hale Center Theater Orem (Dayton) // $250,000, one-time //Doing capitol improvements to tune of $750,000, hoping state will provide 1/3 of cost // Nathan and Ruth Hale founded three theaters (LA, SL County, and Orem), communicated that they are all separate 501(c)3 organizations // $15 million economic impact, 150,000 attendance, $3mill annual budget      19. RFA Tuacahn (Sen Ipson) %30 Out of state patrons, $1.5 Million renovation of the theatre in St. George, $300,000 one-time, both Hale and Tuacahn stressed the economic Impact of the arts in Utah. They are hoping to expand their theatre to have a venue where they can host shows in the winter // $300,000 one-time, to upgrade the theater // economic driver: draws more people to southern UT than golf, funds will be used to upgrade the theater (will draw 8500 people) // have an outdoor theater, want to build an indoor theater now // use equity actors // need to put in 100 more seats and need to upgrade the sound system and some other things // have been good stewards of past state monies // sales tax going to the state from Tuacahn is close to $3.4 million dollars // people want to come to Tuacahn year round, and right now they can’t meet that need // Shiozawa: wanted to know how this will impact the theatre productions in Cedar City (infering USF), Answer: they do wonderful things, we have largely different audiences, we don’t think it will negatively impact any other arts organizations // Rep. Westwood (in whose theater resides USF) agreed that the two theaters compliment each other) // Rep. Weight expressed appreciation that they use equity actors     21. RFA - Columbus Hub of Opportunity - (Sen. Shiozawa) $150,000    

BEDL notes Feb 1

Business, Economic Development and Labor Appropriations 2/1/17 Link to the committee EDCUtah Theresa Foxley-Works on recruiting corporations to Utah and locations are not site specific meaning they work throughout Utah. 15,000 new jobs in 2015-16 20 announced projects with businesses for 2015-16 8 active corporate recruiting projects for 2016-2017 Questions? Rep Gardiner-I remember EDCUtah lost it’s nonprofit status. What is the update on your status? TF Did lose the np status and has been reinstated retroactively.   Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Building Blocks Shiozawa-What effect will losing the Zion curtain will have on your division? DABC-One concerns is underage drinking. CWebb Most regulations would impact selling of the product. How much did the ZC affect the DABC? You didn’t pay for them. Compliance is the factor for the ZC Barlow- History? Grandfathered vs new business DABC-existing bar structures were grandfathered which have a restaurant license. New business have questions regarding both options and the legislature may want to deal with those issues. CSMoss-Flaw of the ZC, is the Zion box at the Eccles Theater. People were shaking their head, taking pictures. Doug Wright told his children and listeners “Never have a drink unless you know what’s in it.” DABC-Workload dictates a need for additional resources. Wages are below market and needs to be addressed. Gov’s recommendation of $1.1 million building block for DABC. Same ask as last week. Prioritize the recommended amount highly.   Vote on Base Budgets- SB00 8 is fee bill. Real estate community requested the change. 350 page bill. Rep CWebb-Moves to approved SB008, pages 64-105, with changes as listed. Sen Henderson (H)-Why doubling fees on proprietary schools (PS) changes? Big jump. AWilko-will ask for clarification. Sen H- substitute motion same as original motion minus the PS fees. Peter Andrew(?)-PS have a renewal fee of $500. Initial application is much more complex. Sen H-Why aren’t we having the renewal fee instead of the application fee? Peter- Have investigated fees in other states to be comparable. Sen. H-leaving renewals at $500 does that help with the initial application cost? Peter-Proprietary schools choose to register in Utah since our fees are so low. Sen H-Fees are intended to keep competition out. Sen Bramble (B)-Encourage barriers to entry for proprietary schools???? Explain. Peter-It is not correct to use that terminology. We want to encourage schools in our state. The crux of the matter is the amount of work we put in to the applications. No reason for us as a division to have the lowest fee in the West. Rep CSpackmanMoss (CSM)-A lot of the cost is for audits. Look up the names of the schools. Some are overcharging students. Some are good some are preying on the students. Sen B-If this fee is based on covering the costs and we need to do more on the regulatory side I stand in support. Peter-Yes, Senator we are looking for those bad actors. Sen H-Demonstrate those costs as factual. Sen. Shiozawa-Be careful what you say and reminder that you’re not here to make policy. Vote-All in favor with the exception of Sen. Henderrson- Passes with one nay. Sen Bramble- bring the requested information to the committee. Rep CWebb-item 2. Passes unanimously Item 3- Non-state funds- Passes unanimously Item 4- Federal fund amounts 2017-2018 Passes unanimously. Rep Sandall-Approve intent language. Passes unanimously Rep Sandall-Approve legislative staff to compile information for committee as approved in previous motions. Approved unanimously. Rep Sandall-include in supplemental information all changes. Passes unanimously.    Governor’s Office of Economic Development Building Blocks Val Hale-All requests are included in Gov budget and are one time funding. Smallest request. Tourism Marketing Performance Fund (TMPF) $23 million ($18 m ongoing, $ 5 m one time) Travelers spent $8.5 b(?) last year. 16, 966 travelers booked trips to Utah after seeing digital ads.   Business Resource Center (BRC’s) $150,000 one time supports the “one-stop shops” that house small business services under one roof. Answer Sen H- 25,000 jobs per year to stay even.   Office of Outdoor Recreation-$1 million   Outdoor Retailer Trade Show--$2.4,000,000 one time fund pavilions for two years. Projected outcomes: $11.7 M projected sales. $102 m projected attendee spending. RBarlow-What not ask for $3 m since you’re meeting your goals? Vicki Varla-We will do with the appropriation to continue the recommendation. Gov recommendation takes in to consideration the budget issues. Rep. Peterson-What was the funding last year for the ORS? VHale-one time money goes for renting the big tents. Once the hotel is built this cost goes away. Rep. Peterson would like clarification of what money we spend and what we bring in. VHale-I’d be happy to meet with you offline. Rep. Weight-How volatile or certain is the ORS? VHale-Article in Denver post is making a huge push for moving it to CO.   Columbus Hub of Opportunity-$250,000 one time Employment and housing for individuals with disabilities. NextWork Autism Hub: training young adults with autism for jobs in STEM industries.   Sundance Institute-$750,000 one time Last 5 years: 233,000 visitors, 7,300 jobs. $34.7 m in state and local tax revenue $392.2 m in cumulative economic impact, $98.9 m publicity value in FY 2016 alone Sen Shiozawa-last year allocation? $500,000 allocation and co-op fund provided $250,000 Sarah Pierce, Managing Editor or Sundance Institute-results in the next three weeks. Feels like attendance on par with last year.   Inland Port Study-$250,000 one-time Ability to allow global trade to be processed and altered as good move through the supply chain. Approximately 22% of the jobs in the state are tied to international business Gardner Policy Institute highlights 13 US ports in preliminary study   Sen Harper-Limited on General Funds so please prioritize your requests   USTAR Research Request – Sen. Shiozawa Request is to conduct studies on Cannabis. Further large clinical trials are needed to confirm the effect of Cannabinoids. Question, does this work and how will it shape the policy going forward. What other drugs are coming on the market that will be coming down the pike. Dr. Ivy Estabrooke, PH, ED USTAR-2016 Sen Shiozawa passed and Gov signed SCR 11. Request to collaborate on the medical benefits of medical marijuana. USTAR conducted a review of the current published research Collaborated with the U of U working group on cannabinoids and marijuana to determine feasibility of studies for medicinal marijuana effectiveness. Sen. Anderegg-Does this study conflict with Rep. Daw’s bill? Sen. Shiozawa-Does not conflict. They need the money for the study. Rep. Barlow-Do you need the schedule 1 license for the IRB study? Dr. Ulling-Do not need a schedule 1 license for the IRB study if you were to allow those to smoke you would need the license.    RFA – Murray City Park Amphitheater – Rep. Cutler Doug Hale, Mayor pro tem $148,000 to redo the Amphitheater. Put it out to bid which came back higher. Facility is showing its age. Needs a cover over the stage for inclement weather, concessions area, restrooms, dressing rooms. $400,000 short. Writing grants have received approx. $250 so far. Rep. Cutler-Heavily used and time to update it. Rep. CSM-in my district, thriving city and park is a jewel and support request.   RFA – Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) – Rep. Wilson $1 m in FY 18 one-time non-lapsing Rep. Wilson-Excited to bring this request to this committee. Request is pure economic development. 10,000 folks work in the space currently and 100 companies-urban and rural.  Jeff Edwards-New Director of UAMMI. Advanced materials are essential. Major component is carbon fiber also plastics and ceramics. Many were developed in Utah over the past 50 years.   RFA – American Freedom Festival – Sen. Bramble Annual Budget $3.3 m Requesting????? Small grants in the past. Attracts 500,000 people each year. Disclose that I’ve been a participant in the Balloon Festival. Out of pocket spent $100,000 to support the community. Paul Warner, ED Freedom Festival-expand Hope of America program for fifth graders. 8000 students who study the Declaration of Independence, Constitution. Would like to expand in to the rest of the state.   RFA – Utah Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Testing and Training Center – Sen. Knudsen Last year, initial ask which has been put to good use. $250,000 request to make the center commercially viable. Locate in western Box Elder County near Thiokol (Orbital ATK) which has FAA authorization. Jeremiah Riley-Orbital ATK has contributed $200,000 to the project. Companies have a difficult time finding a place to test unmanned systems which differentiates the site from others across the country. Supporting DNR to help solve the problem of drones interfering with wildfire management. Request is to support more runways at the center. Rep Sandall-Comment in my district. Interesting to know that Orbital ATK has invested a couple million in the site. This needs a little nudge to make itself sustaining. Rep Weight-Not aware of this site. Is public information regarding the training being publicized? Jeremiah-We work with USU to help publicize the site, technology etc.     RFA –  Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum – Sen. Weiler Request $1 million Hasn’t received money from the state for exhibits for ten years. Laurie-ED Discovery Gateway-One of 400 Children’s Museum spread across the state. Focusing on early childhood education. Interactive exhibits where children learn through play. Science Outreach program and community outreach programs. Serve families and support schools with the curriculum in the schools. Attract over 200,000 people to the Gateway. Aging exhibits and are looking for a $1 m request so we can widen our service to families and the Gateway Center. Sen. Shiozawa-What participation are we getting from SL County? Laurie-$90 k grant from SL County. County is the major donor and allocates rent Rep. Sandall. How much in the $4 million total has been banked? Laurie-$2 m in asks in the pipeline.                                                

BEDL Notes Feb 3

BEDL Committee Meeting February 3, 2017 8 am   2. RFA - Target Industry Procurement (Senator Buxton, Coryann Edwards LSI) In collaboration with GOED, to assist medium and small range businesses and to help them expand and grow. Especially to help money stay in Utah at the HIll AirForce base. Great return on investment. 29:1 ROI. Helping with diversification of companies to increase their stability   3. Heritage and Arts Building Blocks - (Jill Remington Love presented, director of Department of Heritage and Arts) Brought bell from USS Bennion from their collection, and the ship’s clock from the USS Utah from pearl harbor. Reviewed three of their building blocks, all important programs and some address immediate needs. Arts funding is important and valued in UT.  Building block #1: $500,000 for Arts Sustainability Grants. Grants were distributed to 23 of the 29 counties in the state (in 2016) and supported around 200 programs. The $500,000 1x request is for additional funding to strengthen sustainability grants given by Utah Division of Arts and Museums. It will provide more equity in funding to small and medium organizations without eroding support for the larger organizations. Currently,27 groups are sharing $500,000 but 3 large groups receive 40% of it. By providing more money, the remaining groups will be able to receive more funding. We know it’s important to communicate and demonstrate economic impact. We want to demonstrate it, we’ve partnered with GOED and Kim Gardner’s Office to show economic impact for our recipients.  #2: $30,000 ongoing for multicultural leadership youth conference  #3: for additional security around the Rio Grande depot building.  With upcoming 2% cuts in ongoing requested by Executive Appropriations, and that the committee suggested consider cutting digitization. Brian Somers (assistant director) talked about the importance of digitization and that the work is not complete, they still have a lot of work to do with photographs and home records especially. They passed some important photographs around to the BEDL committee. Brian communicated that many items in need of digitization are fragile and some are cracked. Current base budget for this digitization project is $537,000. Ongoing maintenance cost is $372,000; the proposed cut is $128,000 would only leave $37,000 for ongoing digitization projects. If only $37,000 they would only be able to digitize 9,250 photographs/year but have around 1.5million photographs that still need to digitized. It would take them over 100 years to digitize the remaining photographs. Asked for the committee’s consideration to not put DHA in this position.    In the open comment period: Jena Woodbury, ED from Ririe-Woodbury expressed importance of the new grant category. Paul Mecham, CEO from USUO (Utah Symphony | Utah Opera), talked about Utah Symphony’s economy and education.    Senator Shiozawa asked Brian Somers to talk about the proposed cuts. He said: we believe this proposed cut is problematic because of the amount of work remaining and how time sensitive the work is. Many of the collections they are trying to digitize are in danger of being destroyed. We would like to propose the cut come from the $292,000 ongoing in pass through monies that go to other organizations through their budget. They have limited oversight over these monies, there is little reporting etc. Asked the committee to consider cutting pass through funding to these other organizations rather than cuts to digitizations   4.  RFA The Cache Valley Center for the Arts (Sen. Hillyard, Wendi Hassan, executive director) - Sen. Hillyard presented the history of the Ellen Eccles Theatre in Logan, asking for $1 million for capital improvements for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, 56 different organizations present at the Ellen Eccles Theatre, 100 performances a year, 111,000 users a year. Need parts for lighting, seismic updates, $6 million required for the capital improvements that they are hoping for. Brought an actor to deliver a monologue from Logan Youth Shakespeare. Request for critical capital reinvestment, not to increase capacity. Holly Daynes, from Logan City Council, was also present   5. RFA Spring City Old City School restoration - (Sen. Okerlund) The building is almost restored and will be used for city offices, and has an upstairs ballroom that will be used to gain funds for the city, the reach of this building is beyond the reach of Spring City, but reaches to a lot of the cities in San Pete County   6. RFA Hill Aerospace Museum - (Rep. Barlow, Rob Alexander, ED) asked for $150,000 ongoing, talked about the historical impact of the Aerospace Museum in helping with STEM Education   8. Hill AFB Air Show - (Rep. Handy)  Economic Impact of over $50 million to Utah per year, $200,000 ask to continue to grow and build the show    7. New Life Discovery Center at Thanksgiving Point - (Rep. Wilson, Washburn) $21 million project, already raised $18.5 million, $1.5 million ask from Legislature   9. RFA George Beard Photography Exhibition - (Rep. Thurston, ) requesting $2,000 to support George Beard Photography at Springville Museum of Fine Art, taken photographs of Utah   10. RFA Engineering (Rep. V. Peterson, John Sutherland) - $5 million for engineering initiative, to help increase engineering graduates, Increase of 400 engineers    12. The Natural History Museum of Utah (Sen. Shiozawa, Sarah George, ED) $250,000 ongoing, for safety and security of spaces. Charged with 3 tasks, 1. making broadly accessible scientific objects such as dinosaurs and butterflies 2. combining scientific information with physical objects for science education 3. Showcasing the state of Utah for Utah residents and around the world (#1 on Trip Advisor)    11. The Leonardo (Sen. Stephenson, ) ISE - Informal Science Education in schools, Asking for an additional $25,000 to continue supporting their event of flight   13. CenterPoint Theater (Sen. Adams, Jansen Davis, ED) - Theater in Centerville, UT $276,000 for Capital improvement project, strong support for the theatre    

BEDL Notes Jan 30, 2017

BEDL Committee Meeting January 30 8 am   2. Heritage and Arts present base budget - office is for enhancing the life of the citizens of Utah through arts and heritage, includes library, division of Indian affairs, arts and museum, historical society, and department of humanities   They brought a map representing the Mining claims in Tooele county of Utah, and a platte map commissioned by Brigham Young, showing blocks    They also brought Vintage of Northern Italy by James Taylor Harwood a painting representing the beginning of Utah impressionism. It was one of the earliest paintings to be purchased by the Utah Art Council, one of the earliest arts councils in the nation.    Base Budget - 34% of budget is Library, Federal Grants provide a lot of the overhead cost of administering their processes   Utah History - includes antiquities and historic preservation, over 120,000 archeological site records digitized in 3 years, SL Tribune photos, and Digital Utah Newspapers   Multicultural Affairs - presents the Multicultural Youth Leadership Summit, performance measure is to increase community outreach (only 3 staffers)   Utah State Library - Utah State Library for Blind (braille and audio books), Book Mobile   Indian Affairs - Career and Education Expo was sponsored by the division for American Indians   Arts and Museums - Traveling Exhibitions programs, manages 3 galleries, performance measure to increase arts education workshops   UServe - Volunteer management training throughout the state, performance measure to have increased effectiveness through training   Question: What is your department doing to measure operational efficiency? (Rep Gardner) Uses salesforce for purchase orders, and grant tracking within the department.     Question: What if any role is the department doing to document the Bear River Massacre? (Sen. Shiozawa) Through the division of Indian affairs the department is working with the Shoshone tribe to commemorate the massacre.    What is the role of the department of the Museum of Natural History? (Sen Shiozawa) designated as repository of prehistoric remains, receives some pass-through of appropriations from the state legislature and federal grants   Tell us about the new competitive grants program  (Sen Shiozawa)- hoping to create a category of funding for the largest arts groups in Utah, to free up some funding for smaller arts organizations.    Hoping to have a community discussion in the spring about the possibility of having a state history museum to display state collections   Asked about funding for the Leonardo - Leonardo sometimes applies for pass-through funding through appropriations, but not through competitive granting funds      3. Insurance agency base budget - UT department of insurance oversees insurance throughout the state, contributor to the general fund from their fees. Charged with overseeing the insurances that are domiciled in Utah, Equitable, Fidelity, Bear River, Select Health, responsibility to make sure that they can make good their promises to their customers. Auditing the offices every 5 years, or more often when there are financial discrepancies.    Moved requests online to save money in the department. ACA has created a lot of training responsibilities, and the Utah department of insurance has been recognized with federal grants for their accomplishments. Insurance Premium tax brings in close to $130 million. Recently they have returned a lot of the general fund monies, because of federal grants that they have received.    4. GOED base budget - the role of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development is to facilitate the growth of Utah jobs, They oversee a variety of offices including tourism, broadband outreach center, and sports commission. They are hoping to grow and support Utah businesses in the rural and urban communities of UT. Budget is just under $35 million. Many organizations that receive pass through funding for appropriations.    One of the strengths of GOED is collaboration, they try to connect community leaders and industries. Utah’s economy is strong today because it is diverse: aerospace and defense, energy, outdoor rec, financial services, IT/Software, and Life sciences. There is no fund to recruit businesses until they have paid taxes in the state. In 2016, brought in 14 companies. 9,636 new jobs projected in 2016. Tourism and film generated about $1.15 billion in state and local taxes. 21 productions filmed in UT in 2016. UT is known as #1 best state for business   5. Public Service Base Budget - Manage utilities and make sure that they are safe and regulated for the public, they also use some of the tax collected on telephones to provide service to the blind and hearing impaired   6. RFA - Utah Summer Games - (Rep Westwood, Donna Law from SUU) $50,000 one-time, generates sales tax from businesses in Cedar City, LH Miller is sponsoring, only 3 and a half staff people, hoping to bring out of state dollars into the state Senator Vickers also joined the appropriations request   7. RFA- SpyHop - (Sen. Davis, Kandace Van Brueggen) SpyHop is building a 22,000 sq. ft. media arts center, and requesting $1 million one-time for building. One of the largest and most respected media arts program in the nation. One of seven Adobe catalysts and works in collaboration with them. Students have over 20 languages spoken in the home. 86% of students go to college and go into a related field. An additional $6.5 million will be leveraged from private funding sources. Student, Erasmo, talked about apprenticeship program in which he participated. Rep. Weight commented about the value of a community growing around an organization like SpyHop, and the value of students like Mo expressing their voice. Rep. Moss then told about her being a board member, and the need of a permanent building. Rep. Webb asked about what donations they already have, Van Brueggen talked about the capital campaign and the donations, as well as citing SpyHop’s track record of fundraising. For ongoing, they will increase their annual budget to $2 million, which is about 2/3 funded from grants, and then 1/3 revenue,      8. RFA - Utah Shakespeare Festival - (Sen. Vickers, Fred C. Adams and Scott C. Phillips) requested $150,000 on going, this is the 56th year of the festival. The festival is expanding its season. The festival is economically important to Utah because of the out of state dollars the festival brings to the hospitality industry during the Utah Shakespeare Festival. The third largest Shakespeare festival in the US. 35% of visitors come from out of state. Rep. Weight talked about her attendance of the festival, and talked about all of the first time visitors that she meets when she attends. She also talked about the value of having Equity House at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, supporting professionals in theatre. Sen. Westwood, from Cedar City, reiterated the importance of this program for Utah.

BEDL Notes - Jan 24, 2017

Notes for BEDL Committee - Jan 24, 2017 8 am 2. Dr. Andrea Wilko and Sean Faherty introduced as financial committee team for BEDL, went through toolkit for budgets and budgetary items Walked through presentations: Analyst presents agency’s appropriations, then agency presents, must have measures of performance for each line-item. Have four target questions: What have you stopped doing in the past year?, What have you started doing in the past year?, What do you plan to do in the coming year? How does your plan impact your budget Tools available at Past appropriations are available through the Budget of the State of Utah tab. There are youtube videos to explain Utah’s Budget processes: ( Appropriation forms are due by noon on Feb.. 2 appropriation forms are available at 3. Commerce Analyst Presentation Base Budget - began with an overview from Dr. Wilko of the Division of Commerce including their multi-armed departments to favor Utah’s economic climate, often comes before BEDL for request for appropriations for expanding the database for controlled substances ($21,600 ongoing) Francine Giani - executive director of department of commerce Funding comes from commerce service fund, not from general fund Questions about proprietary schools and questions about possibilities to cut budget State of Utah received $40 million from VW settlement $32 million to environmental quality $7.2 million was given to commerce but it has yet to touched 4. Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Base Budget - presentation, regulatory agency but also a commercial agency, stores and agency is a majority of their budget. The problem that DABC faces is that wage as a percent of revenue has gone down since 2012, meaning that there is more work than there are employees. The committee discussed the benefits of increasing staff at state liquor stores and its benefits in increased profits with funds paying to school lunches, and other state programs. 5. Tax Commission Base Budget - Asking for funds to improve tax and motor vehicle processes and systems, also redistributing beer tax. Explained the organization of the Tax commission. Overview of what the agency oversees including fraud protection, vehicle registration, etc. Discussed SB 250 that requires employers to file W-2s by January 31st and makes it so the Tax Commission does not need to send a refund until March 1st.

BEDL Notes Jan 26, 2017

Notes for BEDL Committee - Jan 26, 2017 8 am 1. Department of Financial Institutions presents base budget, mostly personnel related and some travel costs as well. Their mission is to supervise and regulated financials for businesses in Utah, and making sure credit agreements are fair. They mostly oversee credit unions and banks through the State charter, however many of them are able to be overseen by the federal charter if they would like. Talked about Lassonde Center for Innovation and Banking at the University of Utah. 2. Labor Commission presents base budget, their purpose is to help ensure fairness and safety in industry, an important funding source is Worker’s Compensation. Jason Maughn Commissioner presents. Five divisions: industrial accidents (WCF); Utah Occupational, Health and Saftety (Health and safety regualtions); Consultation and Compliance section; Boiler, Elevator, and Coal Mine Section; Anti discrimination department (wage claims, discrimination); adjudication. With addition of new judge in July, wait time for hearings has gone down, although they hope as new judge gets more up to speed, hearings for Workers Comp will be down Committee will vote for funding on Wednesday 3. USTAR - Utah Science,Technology, and Research Initiative, Technology Ecosystem to seed new ideas, by supporting Research Universities in Utah, Receives 4 main grant programs, Industry partnership program, University Technology Acceleration program, Science and Technology Initiation Grant. No additional budget requests, but budget restructuring. Ivy Westbrook, executive director for USTAR. Small business, innovative research center was recognized by the SBA (small business administration). With twice the win rate of national average. Utah was number 2 state for receiving research grants in the Nation, despite a decrease of state funding to Universities. SB 166 (from last year) - requests to restructure budget to change some of the appropriations Innovation Ecosystem - Ideas becoming products (focused where there are gaps in the industries) while strengthening research capacities. One change was the ability to open programs across the state, outside of SL Valley and Logan. There are proposed cuts in the budget for the competitive grant programs for USTAR. Research Universities have innovative ideas that have potential commercial impact, ideas can be patented to sell it or can start a business themselves. Some of these start up companies (not all university) receive grants. These grants are for a variety of things including idea generation, late-stage development, and small business grants. These grants fill a gap (risk capital) that exists. 65 fundable grants this in FY 16, but if this program is cut down, it will make an insufficient fund even smaller. The President of Utah State University and a member of Turner Imaging Company presented a prototype to the committee.